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Edzna lies in the state of Campeche and doesn't receive very many visitors for such a fabulous site. It's easy to get to, but there isn't much else in the area to see, so combine a trip to Edzna with a visit to the capital city of Campeche, about 52km away. Edzna was occupied very early, from around 600 BC, but didn't develop into a major city until 200 AD. The buildings that are still in existence are a little older than that. The word Edzna comes for the 'House of the Itza' suggesting that the city was influenced by the family Itza long before they founded Chichen Itza.

Entry fee: 33 pesos

Hours: 8:00 am- 5:00 PM

Edifice 24
The Great Plaza of Edzna is spectacular, consisting of beautifully preserved buildings. This is a view of the Platform of the Knives, named because some flint ritual knives were discovered buried beneath it.
This image gives a good view of the Great Plaza with the three main structures.
The Great Acropolis with the building of the Five Stories This building is unique to Edzna. It was built in five different stages and began as an early classic pyramid. Inscriptions at the bottom have a date from 652.
Near to the small Acropolis is an interesting structure known as the Temple of the stone masks. It has two giant stucco faces representing the go Kinich Ahau in two modes -- on the right hand side (shown here) he is an old man and on the left, a young man.
Chacchoben site map

While Edzna is not a large site, it's main plaza is outstanding and not to be missed. The site can be seen in under an hour if you don't get too carried away taking pictures. It truly is a beautlful site.


Last updated: June 21, 2011

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