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This is the cistern where we will store rain water. There are three main cisterns on the property. This one will be under the restaurant and dining room. The workers are preparing the base to pour concrete. Once it is complete, we collect rain water that runs off the roof. While we have a well, we like to save that water for watering plants and washing off after swimming in the ocean.

View of the Front Units

The Palapa covered decks take a significant amount of work to build. Grass is tied into bundles and then each one is attached to a framework. Tremendous skill is required to do this, but the result is worth it. The palapa covers provide cooling shade and shelter from the rain.

We finally have a temporary sign up!.

Remember the "two towers?" Well we've added palapa covers to those as well. If you'll note the solar panel in the sand on the bottom left. This is used to power the pump that is used to water the new palm trees we've just transplanted.

Here's the dining room, and main kitchen. You can climb to to the top of the building and look for miles.

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