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Travel Tips > Combi / Van schedule to and from Mahahual, Chetumal and Felipe Carrillo Puerto

Combi (Van) schedule Chetumal - Mahahual and Mahahual-Chetumal

NOTE: if you are traveling from Chetumal and points to Cancun, please do not email us about Combi schedules. All combi transportation is local and therefore changes often. We are only pay attention to combi/van schedules that arrive or leave Mahahual

Leaving from Mahahual to Chetumal
Vans leave from the Sindicato de Taxistas but make stops as they leave town, most notably at the entrance to the Costa Maya Port, or New Mahahual. .

Hours   /   Van/ Combi Transport number

06:00 am                       150
07:00 am                       151
08:00 am                       153
09:00 am                       167
11:00 am                        89

01:00 pm                       151
03:00 pm                       150
04:00 pm                       153
05:00 pm                       167
06:00 pm                        89

Teléfonos para reservaciones:

Van/ Combi Transport number and Teléfono

150     (+52) 983.12.69.757
151     (+52) 983.10.48.189
167     (+52) 983.10.12.138
89       (+52) 983.15.41.562
153     (+52) 983.13.73.323
Van Chetumal - Mahahual
Leaving from Chetumal to Mahahual
Combis leave from the ADO bus station on Insurgentes.

Hours   /   Van/ Combi Transport number

06:00 am                       167
08:00 am                        89
10:00 am                       151
11:00 am                       153
12:00 pm                       150

02:00 pm                       167
04:00 pm                        89
05:00 pm                       151
07:00 pm                       150
08:00 pm                       153


Mahahual to Felipe Carrillo Puerto and points north.

The combi/Van schedule is infrequent and hard to schedule around. Combis by nature only go short distancesw and are designed to get people to work and places of shopping. Therefore, if there isn't a combi to Felipe Carrillo that fits your schedule, I recommend that you take a combi to Chetumal and get off in Limones. In Limones, you have several options:

  • There are frequent Combis that are going to Felipe Carrillo Puerto from Limones. Take a Combi and then walk to the bus station which is only a short block and can be seen from the Combi station. Ask for Autobus. Alternately, ask for the combi/Van to Playa del Carmen at the moment you are getting off the combi. Don't wait until that combi has left. It may be that it is taking people to the Playa del Carmen station.
  • In Limones there are Mayab busses going north. some only go as far as Felipe Carrillo Puerto, others all the way to Playa del Carmen or Cancun.

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