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The builders of highways in Quintana Roo surely seem to love to create highway signs. There are lots of them. Many don't make sense to travelers from outside Mexico. We've included some of the most common highway signs you will find traveling in Cancun, up and down the Riviera Maya and the Costa Maya along with their translation. I'll start with the easy ones and get more difficult lower on the web page. If you feel I have misrepresented the meaning of any of the signs please let me know! The sign on the right is the easiest one you will see -- no Surprise here - it's Bus Stop. The Bus is the main form of transportation for villagers along 307.

Reductor de Velocidad a 150 m topes Topes aqui
"Reductor de velocidad - a 150 m." means "Reduce your speed, there is a Topes 150 meters ahead." All of these signs point to "Topes" and are the replacement in many towns for traffic police. This may be one of the most common signs you see. All small towns along 307 have them. They are annoying speed bumps in the road. Pay attention to them, some are quite jarring, some give you no warning at all that one is ahead until you hit it (like the white one with the arrow pointing down). Many towns and villages also have people selling snacks at the Topes which give you ample warning.
Speed limit signs are plentiful. All mile markers and speed limit signs in Mexico are in kilometers. Your vehicle may show both kilometers and miles. Make sure that you pay close attention and use kilometers instead of miles.
km  markers
Pemex gas station in Majahual
PEMEX is the Mexican government owned Gas station. There are no other brands. There is a PEMEX station very close to Mahahual and the Costa Maya Port. When driving from Cancun to Mayan Beach Garden, gas stations are plentiful. The longest stretch without a gas station is from Felipe Carillo Puerto to Mahahual.
Archaeological ruins in Mexico are well marked with a temple. The colors vary from brown to blue to green. Sometimes you will see this sign for just a little mound of rocks or something that was mapped years ago by Archaeologist and never restored, so it can sometimes be confusing.
chacchoben ruins
temina Pavimento
Pavement ends
in 500 Meters
"Salida" means "Exit." Usually you have warning, as in this sign alerting you to the fact that the exit is some distance in meters ahead. The sign on the right is the sign announcing Cafetal junction where you turn off 307 and go to Mahahual and Mayan Beach Garden.
Cafetal Salida
Welcome to Costa Maya
Welcome to the "Costa Maya"
Have a good journey
Return soon
Buen viaje Regrese Pronto
Camino Dividido
Divided Highway
Don't damage the signs
No Maltrate las senales
No passing when there is a continuous line (Along 307, this line will be yellow. Elsewhere it might be white)
No rebase con raya continua
Pedestrian crossing

Pedestrian Crossing

This particular sign is along the road that goes out to Mahahual. I can't figure out why it is there but is in both directions. Maybe urban planning?

Dim your lights for oncoming traffic
conceda cambio de luces
No maneje cansado
Don't drive tired
Drive with Caution
Maneje con precaucion
Utilice cinturon de securidad
Use seat belts

Reduce your speed
Military Control Post

If you drive from Cancun to Mahahual, you may run in to several of these. Don't be worried. Military checkpoints in Mexico are common. You should only be concerned if you are carrying any type of illegal drugs or weapons. Come to a complete stop or slow way down until they wave you on. If no one is at the Post, slow down and then continue on your way. At the military checkpoint at the junction to Xcalek and Mahahual, it is not uncommon for them to ask you to open your trunk or get out of the car. This usually occurs if the military has been notified of a boat that has run into the reef or if drugs have been dumped off shore. They are looking for smugglers. If asked, show them your passport and visa.

Puesto de control Militar

Don't through trash on the sides of the road

Don't leave stones on the pavement

This refers to the fact that when a car breaks down, the owners of the vehicle may not have the proper tools, like a jack, to prop the vehicle up, so they use stones which are plentiful. This sign is reminder to make sure and clear the stones from the road.

Village coming up

Reduce your speed

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