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Tips for traveling in Mexico, Mahahual/Majahual the Costa Maya, Yucatan & Quintana Roo

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Time Zone:
Eastern during Mexican Standard time and Central during Mexican Daylight savings.
In other words, we are always the same time -- it is everyone else that changes times.


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Astronomy at Mayan Beach Garden
Your Sky: The night sky in the Costa Maya is one of the most spectacular one may ever see. Due to the lack of ambient light, dark nights enable one to see the Milky Way with the naked eye. Enter the latitude 18 N and longitude 87 W to find out what constellations will look like from Mayan Beach Garden. Or download one of the many available Apps that enable you to view the constellations in this location like Google Sky.

Star Date online: When the moon is between 1/4 waxing and full, the stars are not as bright, but the moon acts like a big flashlight, reflecting off the white sand at Mayan Beach Garden and making the night spectacular. Find out if your planned visit includes a full moon.

Satellite posters of Mexico (including Banco Chinchorro)

 Frequently asked questions about weather on the Costa Maya

Wind forecast for the Yucatan peninsula (NOTE: clicking on the picture at the right causes you to leave Mayan Beach Garden and go to
Weather forecast for Mahahual

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Updated 16-Apr-2022

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