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Property Owners > Archived Costa Maya Newsletters > August 3, 2008 -

Costa Maya Newsletters: of primary interest to property owners from Mahahual / Majahual - Rio Indio - Placer - Uvero - Punta Herrera - Xcalak and other points along the southern coast of Quintana Roo

*******************Costa Maya Newsletter*******************
3- August/Agosto. 2008


Hi Costa Maya Neighbors-Reflections 1 year after Dean

You might very well be sick of hearing about Dean, but one can't help but think about hurricanes a little differently than before the 3rd worst hurricane ever to hit land swept through the Costa Maya. BUT, the anniversary nears and we should do some celebrating - we are all hurricane survivors! Even those who lost only sand or palm trees are survivors! With that in mind - Mayan Beach Garden will indeed be celebrating. We will be having a fiesta on the rooftop on August 20th. If you are in the area- please come by. The bar will be open at 5:00 PM. The full moon is on the 16th, the road is GREAT -( see more about it below) and maybe we will still have some moonlight left to light the way back. The town of Mahahual/Majahual will be celebrating on the following weekend (more information on that in the Mahahual section).

Regardless of the survivor talk, I have to say that my stomach turned some flip-flops as I watched the National Hurricane center's web site and all the warnings regarding Dolly. As Dolly was making its way to Texas, I had several emails asking about the hurricane headed our way. For us, Dolly was merely a tropical storm which is far from a hurricane, but the entire state was on Red Alert - the roads were closed, the busses halted. This state has a very good warning system, color coded with Red being the worst. When everything is a "red alert" people become apathetic towards warnings and roll their eyes at the annoyance in their daily routine - it really should be reserved for hurricanes posing an immediate threat. By the time the Dolly red alert was posted it was already past the Costa Maya and closing in on Cancun so when my cook emailed me telling me that she couldn't make it from Bacalar because of highway closures - I was pretty unhappy and did some eyerolling as well. As it turned out, Dolly was quite tame here leaving only rain and a few waves. I prayed a little prayer of thanksgiving and another big one full of a lot of "Please God. . .Please. . .Please. . .Please spare us from another hurricane this year."

Marcia with Baracuda
Photo of Marcia, courtesy of Captain Graybeard

Past newsletters can be found at NEWSLETTER ARCHIVES

PS If you are planning on a Thanksgiving or Christmas time visit - please book your accommodations soon! - Only a couple of properties left!


MESSAGE BOARD DISCUSSION: Eliminating pesky soldier crabs - HELP!!!!.

OK, this is really a Topic for experienced beach livers - but the soldier crabs here are a nuisance. They dig holes around the plants whose roots then dry out. Then they dig holes under anything you have set in the sand, like large potted plants that then pitch over sideways. I used to hire a high school kid when I lived in Seattle to get rid of the moles with a trap. Is that even in the realm of possibility here? Polly has tried mothballs and other assorted natural remedies to no avail. This morning, I had at least 30 new holes along my post-Dean coral lined pathway causing the coral to sink and disappear into the sand. I would love some brilliant ideas! (Polly has some #$&@*!!!!** to say about these creatures in her column at the end of this newsletter - did I mention the dogs barking at them at night?). I know that all living creatures are beneficial and love that they are here - I would just like a few less of them!

This month's topic -eliminating pesky sand crabs:


crab hole Palm tree
Hole left by sand crab at base of Palm tree



New Businesses in Mahahual/Majahual

Lately, a rash of entrepreneurism is exploding in Mahahual. Without the cruise ships - people are turning every direction in order to earn money while they are awaiting the first Cruise ship on October 31st. Even then the majority of the ships are Holland America. According to Otto who books Cruise ship tours, Holland America passengers have a tendency to stay on the ship or in the mall area and don't venture out for tours unless it is the token "ruin". So, new businesses are closing and opening up daily.

  • Chiropractor - Thane Bee is currently working out of his home in the Casitas located at Oxtankah 15, lote 13. Once the cruise ships return, he will be working in an office off the beach in Mahahual. Phone: 983-137-2080 or email at for appointments
  • Haircuts - licensed cosmetologist - Sarah Sarenz working out of her apartment in the casitas. Phone:983-106-5854 email - by appointment.
  • Construyama - located at KM 55.5 just south of the Cafetal-Mahahual highway. You can locate them by a sign sticking up above the buildings. Currently they carry cement products and items for construction related to concrete. They will be carrying paint this month and also you can order hurricane shutters from them.
  • Che Burger is moving to the first block of the casitas diagonally across from Aromas. They have Argentinean style burgers, sandwiches and snacks. They are also opening a new upscale restaurant close to the Costa Maya Inn called La Casa del Che in a gallery/restaurant setting. You may have seen a modern gallery called La Casa in the past that never really opened. They will open the restaurant in this lovely gallery. The goal is to represent find dining with live music on weekends and full course menus. This is a completely different concept than their current menu which serves sandwiches and hamburgers. More on that later as they get closer to the opening.
  • Pharmacia del Caribe has opened East of Aromas on the first street of the casitas.
  • Materiales de Construction "Don Kike" has opened on Mahahual - Cafetal highway at about km 55. They are the only Construction company open on Sundays (at this posting)
  • Aluminum shop. The wonderful bakery that used to be in the casitas never reopened after Dean and the same space is now occupied by an aluminum shop where you can purchase aluminum windows, hurricane shutters and other items of aluminum. I don't have the name of the aluminum shop.
  • New large shopping plaza just outside the cruise shop dock is currently being constructed. It is a large two story with spaces for quite a few nice shops. It looks like it might be ready in November, they are finish stuccoing the exterior now.
  • Ferotlaperia "Paulina" - Paulina has opened a hardware store North of the tortillaria on the back street in Old mahahual . I purchased American style turpentine there.

Road Report - San Jose/ Sapphire/ El Placer community effort

I'm currently experience a "glow" of well being as a result of a community of folks working together to improve the Sapphire/Placer/San Jose area. The state has donated funds to improve the roads from Xcalak to Punta Herrero, but the timing of their repairs is unknown. They seem to be hopping all over the place. We do know that our north 6 km is not scheduled to be completed for a while, so as a neighborhood we collected enough money to repair the North 5.5 km. An accounting of the project is included below with names of people who donated. We raised more than was needed to repair the road which is enabling us to plant trees. A full accounting is below. The project will be completed this week and boy is it fabulous to make that three kilometers in 5 minutes instead of 15! At the end of this newsletter (way at the bottom) is an accounting for those who care to read it. I have to say that the road is GREAT. I know the rainy season will take its toll, but today, I'm happy! Thanks Matahual for working on this at a fair price (and sticking with it). Report at the end of this newsletter.

DEAN celebrations:

There are quite a few Dean Anniversary celebrations occurring in and about Mahahual.

First one is at Mayan Beach Garden - on the actual day - August 20th. Weather permitting, it will be on the rooftop where we will serve food "camping" style. I can tell you, that after the hurricane, the one thing we did was eat well! More importantly, it is a celebration of the restoration and changes that have occurred in the past year. Reservations are appreciated - Same day is fine!

The following information is supplied by Kevin Graham who attended the meeting in Mahahual and was kind enough to allow me to include it here.

"To mark the anniversary the people of Mahahual are preparing a three day festival on August 22, 23, and 24.  The festival is called "Hat Za Ha".  The Maya did not have a word for hurricane so they used this which is literally translated to "Bad Wind". 

To start off the fiesta Friday evening there will be a boat parade starting from Tequila Beach Club and it will end in front of the future site of Costa Maya Living which is next to Dreamtime Dive Center.  Following the procession, there will be "fuegos artificiales" or fireworks at the public pier at around 8:30pm. In accordance with the Maya tradition, boats will be decorated with flowers.  If you are going to be here for this ceremony, it is suggested that you wear all white. 

The following day there will be a number of events on the malecon, mostly at the glorietta in front of the Harbor Master's office.  There will be an exhibition of photographs of Mahahual before and after the hurricane, various reggae bands, and a "Sabor (Taste) de Mahahual".  Each restaurant will have a booth where they display their menu and an example of one their favorite dishes.  They will also be serving morditas (little bites) of their cuisine.  In the evening there will be a big public dance on the malecon.

On Sunday, there will be race starting at Tequila Beach Club where participants will swim a distance and then come back ashore and run the length of the malecon and back.  There will be prizes given to the top man, woman, and child finishers, but it is more of a fun event than a competition.  Local artisans will show their crafts on both Saturday and Sunday and there will be more dancing on Sunday."

Road Report for Costa Maya

The state is putting quite a bit of money into road improvement in the Costa Maya. As a result of Dean, the governor has vowed to improve the roads from Xcalak to Punta Herrera - not just the paved roads, but the beach roads as well. It is hard to find specific information on exactly what they are going to do. The paper Diario de Quintana Roo reported that there is a project to spend $16 million pesos, but coincidentally, that was the same amount that was to be granted for the Malecon. So I don't know if this is part of the same pool of funds or a separate grant. We learned from Miguel the surveyor for the road project that the state was doing a major beach road improvement from Rio Indio to Punta Herrera and from Mahahual to Xcalak including rebuilding the road. They already improved the road going south of Mahahual. They will be working in 6 km segments over an undetermined time. (we were told that they have funds now for the first 6 km north of Rio Indio, so when combined with the Placer/San Jose/Sapphire project, almost the entire stretch will be improved) The quality of the state improved beach road will be equal to what was done on the beach road south of Mahahual where now they have added speed bumps to slow people down. Miguel said the reason is so that busses can go on the beach road. I don't know if this is true - hopefully he didn't mean tour busses. That is another issue for the message boards I think! We don't know when they will improve the North end of the beach road, but hope they follow up before long - the repairs done by the communities of Placer/San Jose/Sapphire beach will only last a short while.

Status as of 1- August 2008:

  • the paved roads are in the process of being tar and graveled from Xcalak to Pulticub. They still have work to do but the worst spots have been repaired.
  • the access road to Xcalak has been repaired
  • the back road in Mahahual has been paved - there appears to be more work needed. I was sad to see a lack of pedestrian walkway along the highway. In the area that should be a walkway, they have put some signs that make it difficult to walk around.
  • the malecon, of course
  • improvement of the access road to Rio Indio
  • grading of the first 6 km of beach road north of Rio Indio. They are going pretty deep and wide, so they will have to bring in a lot of Sascab or road base or we will be swimming down the road when rainy season starts in earnest..

San Pedro

Most of us drop in to the cafe /bakery at Pedro Santos on the way to Chetumal, well now there is a GREAT plant nursery opened there. Healthy plants at good prices. Last year the whole parade of shops was wiped out by the hurricane. Now the nursery has been opened and enlarged. Get a cup of coffee and walk over to choose yourself some plants. and have a chat to Lilly. (News by Polly - see her entire column below)


Leaky Palapa open Thursdays and Fridays, still GREAT food. Sad news, the Xcalak Caribe has closed, but watch this space for news of another restaurant opening in Xcalak. (News by Polly - see her entire column below)

Recycling centers announced for South Quintana Roo (Source: Government of Quintana Roo public announcement July 25th)

Does this mean that finally Mahahual will have a recycling center? At least temporarily, Mahahual is included in a month-long campaign to recycle electronic parts

The announcement stated that the QROO department of Urban Development and the Environment (SEDUM) are starting a coordinated campaign to teach recycling. As part of the campaign there will be recycling centers set up to collect certain hazardous items such as electronics. The campaign will last from August 6-September 6 and will be coordinated with other municipalities in the southern part of the state in conjunction with SEMARNAT.

The announcement stated that collection centers will be established in major communities in Othon P. Blanco - Rojo Gomez, Nicolás Bravo, Mahahual, Bacalar and Calderitas. I was in Mahahual yesterday and saw nothing to indicate there was recycling center going on, but it is great to be included in information like this. I am optimistically saving my batteries in hopes that it will happen . . . Manana!



The following article may help explain why homes and hotels are not full. My theory is that there is a lot of competition for the vacation dollars and lots of deals packaged with airfare. I feel the reason that the Costa Maya has suffered is because of the bad or NO positive publicity from Dean. This is further magnified by the fact that no promotion is occurring for the Costa Maya outside of Mexico. Plenty of Mexicans are vacationing here. Loyal customers who return year after year continue to write me and ask if we are still building and when we will open, despite email blasts from me.

"July 28 - Mexico City (CNNExpansió - In recent days the Mexican government has published data from the national tourism industry, covering the 1st 6 months of the year. The tourist industry faces problems related to the economic slowdown in the U.S. and rising oil prices.

The states who excel in attracting investment in this period are Nayarit, Sonora, Sinaloa, Baja California and Baja California Sur. The 65% of the capital came from domestic investors and the remaining 35% of foreigners from countries like Spain and the United States, primarily.

  "Until now there has been good progress in this area, confirming investors' confidence in Mexico and tourism activity as detonators development," said Secretary of Tourism, Rodolfo Elizondo.

Promoting tourism

To promote private investment in tourism and real estate in the country, the federal government, through Fonatur, planned in late September 2008 the eighth annual Expo Mexican Real Estate Investment and Tourism (EMIIT).

  "The event aims to bring together tourism projects that are in Mexico with investors (both domestic and foreign) and with the market," he said in an interview the director of the National Fund for Tourism Promotion (Fonatur), Miguel Gomez Mont.

This year it is expected that the EMIIT outlining more than 100 tourism projects and real estate, not only in states with access to the sea, but in entities that offer a wide cultural wealth, cuisine, dance, music and nature reserves, said managers. (no mention of the Costa Maya in this announcement)

Gomez Mont stated that the slowdown in the U.S. economy is actually attracting tourism and investment to Mexico, because Mexican destinations are closer than Europe or Asia, and the exchange rate does not favor the dollar in these places.

Also mentioned were the opportunity for investors to focus on homes for baby boomers where 5% of the 70 million retires are expected to retire in Mexico.

According to a study by Visa, 45% of Americans surveyed plan to travel to Mexico in the next 12 months. The country is the second tourist destination of tourists from that nation, only behind Canada.

In the first five months of 2008, Mexican tourism has managed to resist the decline in the U.S. economy and the high prices of fuel.

From January to May around 6.204 billion dollars (USD) was reported for 9 million tourists The amount represents a 6.8% increase over the same period of 2007.

Tulum hotel closures

It was big news here in Quintana Roo newspapers when 5 hotels were closed last month and 12 others were cited for environmental problems. This was deja-vu for Kim and I as we were faced with the same thing over 2 years ago. The hotels were closed for a number of reasons, but primarily for not having the proper environmental and change of use permits. When a hotel is built, first the land needs to be zoned for a Hotel. AFTER the change of use is procurred, the process is to then get a federal permit from SEMARNAT. Federal agencies say the hotels either didn't get the change of use or their SEMARNAT permits (what many refer to as an environmental impact study) were not correctly done. When environmental laws were new, there wasn't very much information on the subject and municipio and federal agencies did not work together. The Environmental laws have existed for 10 years - some of the hotels are that old. When we first started this news letter, a lot of it was to alert people to the importance of the permit process. The hotels cited were not little 6 room hotels like Mayan Beach Garden, but some fairly nice 12-20 unit high end SPAs including one owned by a famous Mexican Soap Opera star. All the hotels have filed suit and are allowed to remain open while their status is being resolved. There is some information on this subject in the Costa Maya Message board.



The following information is from NOAA/NWS (National Ocean and Aeronautics Association and the National Weather Service) web site dedicated to the prevention of Riptide accidents. Rip currents are narrow channels of fast-moving water that pull swimmers away from the shore. They can occur at any beach with breaking waves.  El Placer has waves that break at the beach as does Sapphire and a few beaches south of Mahahual. I've never experienced a Riptide anywhere on the Cost Maya, but I suppose that it is possible on a day with big waves. Moving at speeds of up to eight feet per second, rip currents can move faster than an Olympic swimmer and can easily overpower a victim. Panicked swimmers often incorrectly swim straight back to shore — putting themselves at risk of drowning because of fatigue.

I never really think much about riptides because we don't have them in front of our beach, but when my sister lived in Florida, she said there were riptide advisories and on some days you would have them and others not. I know that the beach in front of the Tulum ruins were closed because of dangerous Riptides so it is something to be aware of. Some of the following tips are very obvious, but I have included the entire list . If you swim out in front of your property and are not certain of the conditions, you might want to familiarize yourself with the following.

  • Learn how to swim!
  • When at the beach:
    • Whenever possible, swim at a lifeguard-protected beach.
    • Never swim alone (MB _ OOPS I FAIL THAT ONE - but if you know Kim , you know he doesn't get in salt water - it might get into his mouth!).
    • Learn how to swim in the surf. It's not the same as swimming in a pool or lake.
    • Be cautious at all times, especially when swimming at unguarded beaches. If in doubt, don’t go out.
    • Stay at least 100 feet away from piers and jetties. Permanent rip currents often exist along side these structures.
    • Consider using polarized sunglasses when at the beach. They will help you to spot signatures of rip currents by cutting down glare and reflected sunlight off the ocean’s surface.
    • Pay especially close attention to children and elderly when at the beach. Even in shallow water, wave action can cause loss of footing. If caught in a rip current:
    • Remain calm to conserve energy and think clearly.
    • Never fight against the current.
    • Think of it like a treadmill that cannot be turned off, which you need to step to the side of.
    • Swim out of the current in a direction following the shoreline. When out of the current, swim at an angle--away from the current--towards shore.
    • If you are unable to swim out of the rip current, float or calmly tread water. When out of the current, swim towards shore.
    • If you are still unable to reach shore, draw attention to yourself by waving your arm and yelling for help
  • If you see someone in trouble, don't become a victim too (the following may not be possible in our area):
    • Get help from a lifeguard or someone with a boat.
    • If a lifeguard is not available, have someone call 9-1-1.
    • Throw the rip current victim something that floats--a life jacket, a cooler, an inflatable ball.
    • Yell instructions on how to escape.
    • Remember, many people drown while trying to save someone else from a rip current.
Rescuing a victim of riptide

PROJECT PLANET (Ways to save water)

I had mentioned last month that we would be talking more about water and what to do when you live here. Dana Tirado (currently constructing his house "Casa Maria") kindly tipped me off on Project Planet.

If you rent out your property or plan to do so, here's an ecological idea for getting guests to reuse their towels. I can attest that the washing of towels is the greatest use of water. Project planet has a web site that sells "do not disturb" door hangers that also include environmental messages about reusing towels. I've included a scan of the door-hangers to the right. You can find out more about their other products by going to their web site:

The web site for Project Planet has some nice little calculators that you can use to calculate how much you would save if you implemented their program. For example, I tried to calculate what I would save if Mayan Beach Garden didn't already have a towel reuse program. if I put into the calculator that we had 6 rooms and the rooms had 50% occupancy, I would save 3,272 Gallons of water annually. That adds up both in chemicals that get added to the environment and water that is used. You can purchase the door hangers and other materials on their web site An entire box may be overkill if you have just one house you are renting out. Dana has purchased a box and will sell you just a few door hangers rather than having to purchase an entire box. You can email him at


project planet


Polly sent me two emails with great stuff in them. I've included both with only a little editing. Polly has been in the US for a visit, but we're glad sh'es back. She reports on the new Aerorbus flight from Austin, Texas.

Viva VivaAerobus. Last week I traveled to Austin Texas. I had purchased my return ticket on-line in February for 1099.00 pesos inclusive taxes and all the other "stuff" they charge for now.


Check in was Cancun terminal 2, there were 3 check in desks open with nice staff that actually knew how to smile and help. Boarding pass marked with which gate at what time. The boarding passes were marked A.B.C.D. I was C as I didn't get there very early, first come, first boarded. I learn as I'm waiting that VA offers 'priority' service. Basically you can pay more on-line, 5US, when booking to get this service. Essentially, you jump to the front of the boarding queue --- just behind customers with children/or special needs. The incoming flight was on time, we then boarded and took off early. We got to Austin early. Great flight, obviously no frills, this is the on board tariff:

XX Lager $2.50
Sol $2.50
Tecate $2.50
Liquor $3.50
Water and Sodas $1.50
Coffee $1.50
Cappuccino $1.50
Hot Chocolate $1.50
Chips $1.50
Nuts $1.50
Candy $1.00
Cookies $1.00 - $1.50
Ham and Cheese Sandwich $2.50

The terminal at Austin is a little out..... It isn't where you would think so if someone is meeting you please check. The best thing for me was immigration, with my British passport I can queue for hours at Dallas or Houston, I was all of 2 minutes! My son says signage to the terminal and parking was great --no problems at all. The return journey was as enjoyable, no fuss, no bother, just out on time and landed on time. The crew were very nice, again nobody has told them not to smile, yet! Announcements in very rapid Spanish followed by heavily accented English........................but now I'm being picky. I will be traveling with them again.................great service. Great value.

By the way, in Mexico security searched every single bag and pouch and no liquids were allowed through. At the gate security confiscated cokes and water people had bought in the duty free and the terminal.

After buying plants from Lilly (In Pedro Santos) it's always exciting to get them home and put them in the garden. Choose the right place for them, shade or full sun, dig the hole put in the good soil and ease them in to their new home. Water profusely, fertilize, talk to them, and lots of TLC. Every day out to check on them, but it's not just me that's checking on them. Holes down to the roots, sometimes from each side. Bl**dy crabs. I have tried all humane methods to get them to leave my garden I even got a friend to buy me mothballs and bring them down from the States, when the mothballs were thrown from the hole I gave up. Now it's war. I put the garden hose on full,and flood the hole, when the crab comes up and stops by the entrance with, I swear, it's claws on it's hips in a defiant attitude as if to say WHAT, I hit it very hard with a piece of 2 x 4. If anyone knows another more humane way of ridding my garden of these thugs please contact me.

<NOTE: the message board subject of the month is on crabs - Polly, we are waiting to help you, only I have the same problem!!!!!! Does misery love company?>

Sorry that's about it, most folks are back in the USA right now, only us diehards left.

Polly in Xcalak

Report on the neighborhood road improvement project for El Placer, San Jose and Sapphire.

This project started as a result of money donated after Dean. The road has always been an issue but reached an all time low recently. Improving the road would benefit the entire neighborhood, give the community a lift and even help those who are trying to sell their properties. We raised $1720 USD as a result of Dean, but the bid we received was $10,000 pesos a kilometer plus the cost of fill. Mayan Beach Garden is located at approximately 3.5 km from the access, so to bring it to our place would cost about $40,000 pesos. I sent emails to as many people as I knew in the community and the responses were astounding. The community raised a total of $8920.

We were able to take the road to km. 5.5, widen the road South of Mayan Beach Garden which was not wide enough for two cars and fill in some of the low spots, especially around Sapphire. The cost of the project was $68,000 pesos plus the cost of the dollar exchange (the peso to dollar ration dropped below 10x1 the last two weeks, but we have yet to pull all the money out with our ATM card, so don't know the exact total yet). With the money remaining, we will plant trees in some of the bare areas to hide dead mangroves and improve the look of the area and also along the beaches where there is no longer any privacy from neighbors (no offense to all of you wonderful people - but I know you don't want to look down the beach and see my cabanas). The goal is to plant a tree between as many properties as possible. I welcome any other ideas for the tree planting. I will continue to report on this project in the newsletters.



Patricia Nelson and Bill  $   500.00 Sapphire
James & Jannette Olinger II  $     20.00 ?
Robin and Camille  $   300.00 Placer
Steve and Bev cook  $   100.00 San Jose
George Muskel  $   100.00 Sapphire
Anna Greenburg  $     50.00 San jose
dorothy zelewski  $     50.00 Placer
roxanne & Lyle  $   100.00 Placer
Diane Duncan  $   500.00 Sapphire


Ann and Neil Guerin  $         100 Placer
Kim and Marcia Bales  $         300 Placer
Kevin Graham  $         250 Mahahual
John Lyons  $         500 San Jose
Bruce and Louise  $         200 Placer
Bill and Mary Kinkle  $         250 Sapphire
dana tirado  $         300 San Jose
Bill and Gayle  $         250 Placer
Jonathan Fryer and Vin O'Brian  $      1,000 Sapphire
balzanos  $         200 Sapphire
Anna Greenburg  $         200 San Jose
jaquith  $         100 San Jose
Algimantas Bublys  $         100 Placer
Kim willik  $         200 San Jose
P Waguespack  $         200 Sapphire
Matt Stockdale & chris weaver  $         500 Sapphire
Bruce Houston  $         500 San Jose
John and Valarie McChristy  $         300 Placer
steve ebbesgard  $         250 San Jose
Nadia Al-Alahwi  $         200 San Jose
pollo and Patty Cawsey  $         100 Uvero km 3.5
John Erskine and Edward  $         500 Sapphire
allen and Deborah Capel  $         200 Placer
Steve and Bev Cook  $         200 San Jose
jeff troxel, jason medley  $         300 San Jose
$ 7,200
TOTAL (with Dean funds)  $ 8,920  

Please contact me if you have any questions on this project. It's time to start working on the tree planting!


The editor of this newsletter (me) makes no claims that the information here is completely true. I am not a news reporter, Spanish is not my native language, the newspapers are notorious for not verifying information and this is not my primary business, but rather a service to the neighborhood. If you find something untrue PLEASE let me know and I will print a disclaimer. I try to verify the information but even the newspaper prints up rumors, so I can only report what I read and hear.

Unless otherwise stated, all content is copyrighted by MMB Contractors Inc.

Until next month,
Best wishes from your neighbor,



Updated: 10-Aug-2008

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