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***********************Newsletter: March 3,2007**************************


* Message board for Costa Maya Neighbors
* Electricity efforts
* New development on the Costa Maya and surrounding area
* Learn Spanish month
* Articles of Interest in the news
* Garbage on the beach - a Costa Maya Clean-up committee
* Spotlight on your Neighbors

Hi Neighbors,

What a difference a repaired road can make! When a beach road starts getting bad, you live with it. You don't realize how bad it is until it rains and you find yourself crossing lake McChristy, or the numerous Sapphire lakes and stalling out with wet points or loosing your brakes. Numerous potholes are appearing on the jungle road both north and south of Mahahual, and the condition of the roads in old Mahahual are horrible. However, the Beach road north of Mayan Beach Garden has just been graded. The process for grading is a lot more involved than I had previously thought. They first send a team to cut back the brush that is growing and narrowing the road to a single lane. They then break up the road to even out the hills and valleys. After grading the road, they pass over it with a compactor. The process is fairly expensive for a 4 kilometer stretch of road and we are happy to publicly thank the realty company of TransCaribbean for organizing and paying for the grading. In an effort to give them a well deserved "plug" I looked at their website and found their archive of past newsletters. A couple of them are particularly interesting covering the geological history of the Yucatan and some flora and fauna. TransCaribbean's newsletter archives. My trip to Mahahual is now significantly shorter than it was two weeks ago -- THANKS. (Oh, sorry for the missed newsletter in February!)

You can find this issue of the newsletter and archives of past e-newsletters at this location:


If you haven't yet, please check out the message board this month. New neighborhoods have popped up and now include Puerto Angel, Cazona, Uvero, Punta Pulnticub, Tanquila Beach, Rio Indio, Placer, San Jose and Sapphire. There seems to be some lively activity in the "neighborhood" section of the message boards. People are looking for their neighbors and starting up discussions with each other on-line. This is fabulous in my book and the primary reason for the message board. Please take a second and check if your neighborhood is represented. If not, add it as a new Topic.

Thanks in advance for supporting the neighborhood!
Topic: Neighborhoods:

We were again severely hit by pornography spammers last month. Bridget Montolvo, neighbor with lots in Cazona and Xcalak has volunteered to be a moderator and clean this up. Thanks Bridget!


Last month we asked for you to join in an effort to bring electricity to the beach. We've had a sad response to our request for documentation receiving only a handful (however, a big thanks to those that have sent it in!). Many of you email me all the time asking when we are going to get electricity. I'm not going to answer that question ANYMORE! ;-) This will only happen if we do it as a group. We are trying to join in with others who are fighting Fonatur's claim on all of the electricity. The efforts of the Costa Maya Property association already appear to be making headway, because the fisherman at km 55 have been recently granted electricity. If you remember, I had mentioned that they had written a letter to the governor pleading their case. We congratulate them on this success!

Some of you may think that the petition is only for the area around Placer. This is not true. We need to collect information from everyone on the Costa Maya. If you want electricity, please don't sit back and assume that your neighbors will do this for you.

In order to be included, the following information MUST be submitted for EACH property owner (legal descriptions and names are NOT enough):

  • Name of owners as shown on your passport or FM3
  • Name of corporation if owned by a corporation, or name and location of your Fide Camiso Bank trustee
  • Predial papers (your property tax statement)
  • Copy of cadastral (the official document that shows the square meters of the land, the legal description and the structures on the land, as well as the appraised value of all.)
  • Contact information

Ted Garcia has volunteered to help compile this information. He owns property in Placer and knows the power issues we all face. There are three methods to convey the information:

1) scan the documents and send them via email to Ted at
2) Fax them to Ted (Please include cover page with Ted's name)
3) make copies of them and mail them to the following address:

Ted Garcia
201 E Clearfield Ln.
Appleton, WI 54913

Ted is located in the United States. Please be sensitive of his time and resources and do not call him just to "chat" about this action. We really appreciate his efforts in compiling this info.


You can't help notice all the new construction going on. Most of the activity seems to be in the area around the port. This is mainly due to the influx of activity generated by workers who come in to service the cruise ships. It's really a happening place - sans atmosphere. Several new restaurants and bars have opened up along the strip as will as a series of small stores. I hope a new tortilla shop opens - not because I don't like the one in the Old town of Mahahual, but because driving into town is a real pain. Still, its clear what a difference a little urban planning, electricity and decent roads can make.

Prime retail space for rent The two story building that TransCaribbean has just remodeled has retail space for rent. The space is located next to the cats Meow, very close to where the taxi's pull up. I am pretty sure it is all air-conditioned. Contact Kerry Wilson at 983-834-5606 if you are interested. Its one of the best locations in Mahahual town.

ATM -- False alarm last month about the ATM. We can't get any more information except that there will be one and we don't know where the ATM machine went. BUT Kim (my illustrious spouse) talked to the bank manager of Banamex last week who said they were putting an ATM in Mahahaul. What we don't know is WHEN and exactly WHERE. Meanwhile, the ATM at the new gas station in Bacalar just opened. This means that you won't have to go into the center of Bacalar to get cash.


I've been asked to repeat the link to the Spanish program that I mentioned last month called "Linked in Spanish." Although they sell Spanish CD's (This is the Spanish program I ended up purchasing) the free on-line lessons and quizzes are fairly in depth. I like it because it uses what you know and keeps adding new things, "linking" them together and repeating it -- the quizzes are good as well.


CANCUN BEACHES DISAPPEARING AGAIN.. Cancun, Feb 22 - Despite massive efforts to restore the beaches of Cancun by pumping sand onto the beaches, they are again eroding. This article is well worth reading as it teaches what can happen if you artificially impact the environment. It is a lesson for us here on the Costa Maya.

REFORMS TO WILDLIFE PROTECTION LAW SIGNED - Friday 02 Feb 2007 Felipe Calderón, Mexico's new Right wing president signed into effect reforms to the national wildlife protection law despite lobbying efforts from the tourism development industry and 16 state governors. The reforms, approved by Congress in December, restrict construction and development activities in coastal mangroves. The new regulations took effect on Friday, Feb 2nd which also happens to be World Wetlands Day. Governors from 16 coastal states took out full-page ads in several national newspapers calling on President Calderón to veto the bill. Hoteliers and developers are expected to file injunctions to protect investments they have already made in coastal properties, especially in Quintana Roo near the resort city of Cancún. The new reform singles out tourism projects, specifying that "any activity that inhibits the capacity of mangroves to recharge its natural ecosystem, or cuts off their natural flow from rivers, dunes or adjacent maritime zones is strictly prohibited." Projects that seek to protect, restore, investigate or conserve mangroves are exempt from the provisions of the new law (not sure what that means, but sounds like a loophole!).

CENTER FOR DISEASE CONTROL WARNING OF SALMONELLA CONTAMINATED FOOD PRODUCT: If you have purchased Peter Pan and Great Value peanut butter with a product code located on the lid of the jar that begins with the number "2111" please discard it. These products may have distribution in Mexico or may have been brought into Mexico in luggage. Public health officials in multiple states in the US, with the assistance of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the US Food and Drug Administration are investigating a large outbreak of Salmonella infections. Interviews comparing foods eaten by ill and well persons show that consumption of Peter Pan peanut butter was statistically associated with illness and therefore the most likely source of the outbreak. For more information on this CDC warning please go to:

.MEXICO INVESTS IN TOURISM : Cancun, Mexico, Feb 15 Mexico wants to give a shot of 1.3 billion dollars to its tourist sector this year with important investments, in order to become among the five most visited countries of the world in a short time, said national executives. Miguel Gomez Mont, president of the Fund to Foster Tourism (FONATUR), made this declaration to specialists and reporters on Feb. 15th. Eleven Mexican states will benefit from the monetary infusion, as the plan is to surpass the 22 million foreign tourists last year with more varied offers. Cancun hopes to build a zoo, not only for tourists, but also for the almost one million people living in the municipality of Benito Juarez, which once was a small port and fishing village.
MB NOTE: no mention of the Costa Maya in this announcement, although several areas were specifically called out.

COSTA MAYA 2nd MOST POPULAR CRUISE SHIP DESTINATION: According to recent statistics released by Mexico’s Tourism Secretariat (Sectur), some 6.5 million passengers arrived to Mexico’s ports in 2005. The most popular port is by far on the island of Cozumel, located just south of Cancun in the Mexican Caribbean. According to Mexico’s Communications and Transportation Secretariat, 754 ships arrived to Cozumel in the first ten months of 2006, carrying some 1.5 million passengers. The second most popular port is Costa Maya on the Mexican Caribbean, which received 263 ships, carrying more than 500,000 in the first ten months of 2006.

NEW ARIPORT CLOSER TO COSTA MAYA? The Mexican government intends to open up bidding for another airport to serve the rapidly growing tourist destination of the Mayan Riviera. That would mean that a portion of the traffic at ASUR's Cancun and Cozumel airports -- those tourists who are headed for destinations in the Riviera (and Costa Maya) -- may deplane at a new facility, cutting traffic and therefore revenues at those two airports. Officials in the state of Quintana Roo have long been advocating a new airport to better serve the destination. Read the entire article.


The saga of cleaning up the Costa Maya continues. Long-time readers of this newsletter not only know we are trying to put together a recycling program but have donated money to the cause. For many months I reported on the status of the project just to have it disintegrate with the changing of Mayors and leadership of the chamber of commerce. A meeting has been scheduled for March (not sure of the exact date) to launch a government sponsored program specifically targeted at cleaning up the beaches. I'll find out more specifics at the meeting, but if I understood correctly, the organization is organized and funded by the Municipio Opon P Blanco. This is a big departure from the failed local attempts that were started over two years ago which had grass roots support but were not a legal entity so couldn't collect funds, receive money from the government or hire anyone. I still have some funds that are left from donations from all of you. If it turns out that this organization is the right one to donate to, I'll do so and report here. If not, I'll consider another route.


Sorry, I don't have the spotlight ready and since this is already SOOOO late, will have to include it next time. If you have never checked out the Spotlight -- do so now.


The editor of this newsletter (me) makes no claims that the information here is completely true. I am not a news reporter, Spanish is not my native language and this is not my primary business, but rather a service to the neighborhood. If you find something untrue PLEASE let me know and I will print a disclaimer. I try to verify the information but even the newspaper prints up rumors, so I can only report what I read and hear. THANKS!!!!!

Until Next month...

Regards from your Costa Maya Neighbor
Mayan Beach Garden, Boutique hotel on the Costa Maya


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