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***********************Newsletter: February 21, 2006**************************


* Record breaking weather continues
* ADO bus service to Mahahaul
* Mahahual Jazz - Wycliffe Gordon
* Cruise News
* Recycling back!
* New businesses in Mahahual
* Wildlife sightings
* Spotlight on your neighbors
* Properties for sale

Hi Neighbors,
We continue to get lots of people stopping by Mayan Beach Garden, both as guests and as neighbors. We love this time of year since so many of you are vacationing in the area and find the opportunity to stop by your properties and check them out, wondering what it was you purchased years ago, and being happy that the beach is as beautiful as you remembered it. Many of you are curious as to how your beach changed after Wilma. Most people have been pleased with the "reshaping" of their beach and many say they have gained beach and some height. Please continue to stop by and say "hi" even if we seem to be busy, we love to meet you and introduce you to other neighbors that may be staying with us.

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According to the local radio stations, January, December and February have all broken records for rain this year. Remember last year when I commented how dry everything was? We had no rain from November to June, while this year, it seems to rain every day or so. To give you a perspective on the amount of rainfall, normally the month of January has 1.8 inches. In a two day span in January we had 15. While not quite as wet, one day in February had about 8 inches. The cold continues as well. While many of you were being accosted on the east cost by the Blizzard of 2006 we were shivering under double blankets. I even wore socks to bed because Kim had to have at least one window open. I feel sorry for all the locals who don't have windows or doors. This is more common than you might think in the small villages and towns. Normally it isn't a problem as they all live out doors, but when the temperatures dip into the 50's (F) at night, there are a lot of really cold people!

I just received the schedule for ADO bus service from Chetumal, Cancun and Playa Del Carmen to Mahahual. ADO is the premier bus service in Quintana Roo with reclining seats, air conditioning and videos. I will be posting the schedule on the internet, but the bus will be making three trips a day to Chetumal and three a day to Cancun. ADO has limited stops -- only pausing in Limones and Bacalar on the way to Chetumal and Limones, Filipe Carrillo Puerto, Tulum and Playa Del Carmen on the way to Cancun. If you or someone you know hates driving, this would be a good alternative. I saw the ADO bus in Mahahual this morning, so I know that service has already commenced.

If you are a jazz and blues fan you might know Wycliffe Gordon (from Wynton Marsalis ). He has released an Album called "Dig This" that has a cut on it called Mahajual. If you click on the link below, you can listen to a short clip of the song. Make sure and scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on the green arrow next to the song.

January 26, 2006 - Carnival Cuts Costa Maya Call Short Due to Rough Seas
While it's not unusual for a cruise ship to skip a scheduled port due to inclement weather, it's less often one that's already docked IS forced to retreat -- but that's exactly what happened to Carnival Liberty last month in Costa Maya.

After the ship arrived -- and passengers had already set off for a day of sun or sightseeing -- sudden swells and deteriorating weather prompted the captain to push the departure time up by several hours for the safety of all onboard. Carnival was actually able to get everybody back onboard for an early getaway. A spokesman for the line says that no passengers were left behind -- and there wasn't a need to wait or search for stragglers, which, let's face it, often happens even if ships are leaving on time.

I went to a meeting yesterday about garbage and heard some good and bad news. The good news is that after months of inactivity garbage and recycling are again a focus. Everyone is concerned. This in part is due to a minor emergency that occurred at the landfill where the garbage truck was hijacked by the owner of the landfill. Apparently there was a disagreement regarding the amount of money that the land owner should receive from the city. As of yesterday, they had not come to an agreement and the landfill that was located 10 km south has been closed and the only way to dispose of garbage is to go all the way to Xcalak. Not only does Xcalak not want all of Mahahual's garbage, this is a LONG WAY to go for anyone north of Mahahual. For us it is 100 kilometers. In Mahahual there is daily garbage pickup, but here along the beach road there is nothing of the sort. Our only option is to take garbage and put it into the garbage truck in the late afternoons when it is sitting idle. The other good news is that the pier has re-committed the land they had earlier earmarked for a recycling center. The bad news is that until the city gets organized and can get funds, the land just sits there. Getting organized means setting up a non-profit corporation, signs, large containers and personnel to work at the recycling center. This is going to take some time. In the meantime, only plastic is being recycled and can be dropped off at the University of Quintana Roo's extension center. So, we continue to separate our garbage, pick up the trash along the beach and hope that things change soon. I'm now sitting on money that many of you have donated and I still believe that we can make a difference by supporting these alternative programs. We'll keep you posted.

A new Holiday Inn is about to open in Mahahual. Now you might envision a lovely hotel on the beaches of Mahahual. NOT! This is on the road to the pier - just outside the picturesque security gate that separates the throngs of passengers from the rest of us -- FAR from the beach. Most of us here are baffled by their choice of location. However, there is a rumor that there will be an ATM there. According to the president of the Chamber of Commerce, the location of an ATM is decided upon by the federal government. We do know that HSBC is now interested in putting one in.

For those of you who like a higher end gift shop, there are some quite nice stores in the same location mentioned above -- just outside the security gate and hidden behind a huge palapa covered bar called the Drinking Donkey. Meanwhile, the number of shopping spaces available for rent continues to increase along the Mahahaul beach road and the pedestrian road has now been extended for several more blocks requiring you to drive around.

The increased rainfall may be producing an increase in wildlife sightings, bringing animals closer to the roads. There have been several jaguar sightings, a black panther, herds of peccaries, numerous fox sightings, toucans, flocks of greater curassows as well as the normal coatamundi and chacalaca sightings. All along the roads there is water, increasing the food supply for many animals which may mean that more animals are out and about. Whatever the reason, its been fun to see.

The last couple of months had so much information that I literally forgot to post the Spotlight on the neighbors. I'm glad you missed them -- I've missed doing them and getting to know you better in the process. Well, they are back again. This month meet the Slahetkas who own property in Sapphire beach, which is in the north end of Placer.

I know of several properties in the area that are for sale. All are north of Rio Indio. Some in the Placer area and some north of Uvero. We also know of a house and hotel for sale. Please contact me if you are interested.

Until Next month...
Regards from your Costa Maya Neighbor

Mayan Beach Garden, Boutique hotel on the Costa Maya


Until next month or until there is some new news to report....


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