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***********************Newsletter:January 8, 2005**************************


UPS Delivery
Paying property taxes in Mahahual -- correction
Holiday festivities in Mahahual
Federal Zone Concession correction
Recycling Drop-off Center update

Hi neighbors,

I hope you all had a great Holiday season despite horrific weather news. We heard about the tsunami via the internet and tried imagining a wave that large crashing into our beautiful beach. It puts a new perspective on things. We don't have too much to report this month because the municipal meetings were halted due to Holiday meetings. They will begin in earnest in a week and hopeful we will have some real news to report. Archives of this and previous newsletters can be accessed at


Thanks to the diligence of Gabe Zarnotti, one of your neighbors in Placer, the experiment to see if we can receive mail here is at least partially complete. On Dec. 06, 2004 Gabe sent a UPS letter and package. Through quite a bit of tracking on his part, I finally received a package here on my doorstep on Dec. 24th. You can imagine my surprise! Three delivery men were very insistent that I sign the paperwork saying I had received the packages. Now these delivery men didn't drive up in a Brown van, but a little white car. Never-the-less, the ads about UPS delivering anywhere appear to be quite true.


I was incorrect about paying taxes at the Aricife restaurant. They were unable to get the computers set up there, so they are now in the Casitas - the little houses that were built on the access road to the pier.

HOLIDAY FESTIVITIES IN MAHAHUAL: They were dancing from 10:00 PM until early morning in Mahahual on New Years Eve in front of the Aricife restaurant. Mother nature supplied a little light show and rain which only momentarily stopped the festivities. Christmas included a Pinata for the children on the 22nd of December and partying until early morning. Lots of candy donated by local businesses (including those in Placer) were had by all. We took down our Christmas decorations on January 8th, two days after the celebration of Kings. We served this cake that has little plastic figures buried in it. You eat it with hot chocolate milk. The idea is that the person who ends up with the plastic figures has to throw a party/fiesta for everyone else on Feb 2nd. Can't wait for the party!!!!


When I reported last month that there were new laws going into effect that would make it easier for someone to purchase the concession for your federal zone -- I was incorrect. This was a lack of Spanish language knowledge on my part -- I had interpreted this change as a law when it really is a policy change. The law has always been in effect that would allow someone to purchase your federal zone without your knowledge. The new policy is that the municipalities are actively going after the federal zone in order to raise funds. The municipalities have asked that we let property owners know this new policy because the preference is to have property owners secure the concession. We feel that it is still a good idea to purchase your federal zone as an insurance against future development in the area.


We finally met with the Costa Maya Pier representatives regarding recycling. The good news is they are in agreement that they need to be involved. They have potentially committed to donating some land for their own use and the use of the Casitas. We hope that it will eventually include the area North of Mahahual. In the meantime, we are continuing to improve the recycling center at the high school. The first improvement is to expand the compost area which is surprisingly being used. When the meetings start up next week I will report on the specifics of how the money will be spent improving the compost area.

Someone dropped by and donated $550 pesos (approximately $55 USD) to the recycling center efforts, but I wasn't here at the time and the name of the donator was not recorded. Please email and let me know who you are so we can properly credit you and thank you. THANKS!

Also recently donated: Robert Muraro - $100, bringing the total to $1055


Until next month or until there is some new news to report....


Updated: 13-Apr-2010

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