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*************Newsletter: Sept. 8th, 2004*************


El Placer Del Caribe store and restaurant now open: In addition to the hotel, Tom Steddum's establishment in Placer is now open from 6:30 - 9:00 to serve meals. He also has a store that sells fresh water, beer, sodas, Ice and other food items. Please support his business if you are in the area checking up on your property. Tom's place is located 3 km south of the El Placer access road.

If you are in the area on Mexican Independence day (Sept. 16th), plan on stopping in at Tom's as he is hosting a party for Mahahual on that day. It will be an opportunity to meet others in the Mahahual community and celebrate at the same time.

Homes and businesses under construction: We would like to list your home and any "lessons learned" in this part of the newsletter if you have begun construction. Also, if you would like to post pictures of your lot, please send them to me (please do not do a "reply all") and I will post them on a "property owners" page on the Mayan Beach Garden web site for everyone to share. We will not discuss anything about your lot or construction plans without your permission. On that note, Mayan Beach Garden is almost done with our construction. I will certainly be happy when the piles of sand and gravel no longer decorate our portion of the beach road!

Meeting with Mayor of Mahahual and other local officials Date: 8/31/04
Location: El Placer del Caribe (Tom Steddum's Hotel/Restaurant)
The meeting was organized by Miguel Sosa who also acted as interpreter for those not speaking Spanish. Attending were owners and care takers of properties from Rio-Indio to Ubero.

Garbage problem: The primary purpose of the meeting was to solicit help in dealing with the garbage. There are many problems associated with this and the leaders of Mahahual are soliciting help. Sanitation is part of the quality of life so they wanted to get an idea of how much garbage is being produced and will be in the future. Currently there is no garbage pickup for the beach road. There is a gentleman in Mahahual who has the concession for garbage pickup but he does not have the concession for picking up garbage along the beach road. It is not even certain that he is interested. The city of Mahahual has a land fill but it is full. Neither do they have a truck available to pick up the garbage. Another land fill must be found and if the gentleman who owns the concession in Mahahual is not interested then we must figure out our own garbage pickup. If necessary, Tom Steddum has agreed to fix up his trailer and haul garbage to the land fill if and when they get another landfill. Garbage pickup will require a fee which will be established at a later date. Recycling: There are some recycling programs available in Mahahual. The school in Mahahual has a program where they can earn a little money by recycling cardboard, glass and aluminum cans. Separating these into separate plastic bags and taking them to the landfill will not only save the environment but help the school as well. It is strongly recommended that we should start recycling immediately. Again, there is no pickup for this, we will have to take the recyclables to the landfill.

Burning and composting: The officials told us there should be absolutely no burning on the beach or back by the mangroves. That leaves most of us in a difficult position. If we cannot burn and if the landfill cant take our garbage, there is little recourse but to let it pile up. The question was posed as to what to do about the natural vegetation like palm fronds. We were told we should not burn them but bury them and let them decompose. There was a lot of confusion in this area about what can and cannot be burned. Furthermore the turtle grass that is washed up on the beach should be left on the beach to help build the beach. If this is cleaned up and burned it encourages beach erosion. If it is unsightly, please cover it up with sand as this too will help build the beach.

Cleaning up the paved road from Mahahual - Ubero: The road is being cleaned. A machine is doing the work but is not picking up the little trees on the side of the road. They would like our help to clean the road of the little trees and then maintain it. What that means is they would like us to donate the manpower to clean up a section of the road. If you are willing to clean up a Kilometer of the road, you can put up a sign that says this stretch of road is maintained by <name>. The road is currently very dangerous due to the tour buses and the overgrowing bush which in many places has narrowed the road to a single lane. Most cars drive down the road at 100+ km an hour so you can imagine how dangerous this could be.

Electricity: They can't give us any promises to a time frame as it is beyond their authority, but they are getting a petition together to see who is currently living here, what type of businesses are here, what homes are existing and what the demand is. The information needed is the property address (km North of Mahahual on the beach road), lot numbers, names of owners and names of businesses if applicable. If hotels they need to know the number of hotel rooms you plan to have. If you can provide via email this information along with your permission, your name will be added to the petition.

Follow-up: On Tuesday, Sept. 7th there will be a follow-up meeting at Tom's place to collect the petition and to clear up the confusion about burning. A representative from the Sian Ka'an who better understands the burning restriction will hopefully be on hand to clear up the confusion and provide exact details. Also, they will attempt to get officials at the meeting who can provide information about Electricity (so please respond before then so your name can be added). Also please send any thoughts you might have on any of the above information so that it can be shared with the officials who will attend.

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