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Uyumil Che
(Monkey Farm)

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It's a fact that nature doesn't always accommodate the desire to dive or snorkel. On those days when the water is too rough, it's the perfect time to visit Uyumil Che, or the "Monkey Reserve" as it is referred to in Mahahual /Majahual and the Costa Maya. The monkey reserve originated as a place to reintroduce spider monkeys into their native habitat here on the Costa Maya. It is illegal in Mexico to make a pet of a wild monkey, without a very expensive permit, but it doesn't stop people from taking them home. You may even see other animals there as well. But this is not a zoo, so the animals you will see are those that have been recently brought in, are injured, or have been determined to be so tame that they will never be successful in the wild.

Monkey Farm

Map showing location of Uyumil Che

Baby Monkey
As you can see from this picture of a baby spider monkey that was born at the farm, that they are about as cute as anything you've ever seen. The problem is that people fall in love with these sweet lovable little babies. But like any baby, it soon grows up. As spider monkeys grow up, they can be quite a pain, destroying things, stealing and basically becoming a nuisance. When this happens, people don't know what to do with them, and the monkeys usually end up either chained or in cages. The Monkey farm takes these unwanted monkeys and tries to introduce them back into the wild. The nonprofit organization accepts donations, and is privately funded.
Cheryl is an animal lover and neighbor. She raised the mother of this baby monkey, but has realized that the monkeys belong in the wild and supports the monkey farm's efforts. Just like many human babies, this little fellow won't give up his purple blanket.
Sheryl and Baby Monkey
Feeding baby monkey
The last time I visited (February of 2003) I had a chance to feed this baby spider monkey. You can see how tiny he is. He held my finger as I fed him one ounce of formula and I noticed that spider monkeys have four fingers with no thumb. Their feet however, have five digits with an opposing "thumb." You can tell by the number of pictures that I was quite enamored of this little guy.
Monkey's aren't the only type of animal you can find at the Monkey farm. At the time I was there, there were over 20 wild pecaries. We often see groups of pecaries crossing the road as we are driving along the jungle road, but I never manage to get a picture of them, so I was pretty happy to get this picture.

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