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Coba is only 45 km. northwest of Tulum, but is much less well known. The site is actively being restored and is very large. Instead of concentrated plaza-like structures, but its layout is different from any other and is spread out over 70 square kilometers. Connecting many of the buildings are sacbes which you can still walk on. Bring your walking shoes if you want to see all of the main buildings. Some are as many as a mile apart. You can arrange for a guide at the entrance for $30-$35 who will take you on a two hour tour. We traversed the site ourselves and recommend you plan on 2-3 hours because of the distances between buildings. On most days there are bicycles you can rent to travel the lengthy distance.

Coba temple

Hours: 8:00 am- 5:00 PM

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Edifice 24 - coba
There are many tall temples at Coba, many which are in a state of construction. Coba has many lakes (you will pass one or two if you walk the entire site) which attracted settlers in about AD 250. It reached its peak in about 650.
The Ball court is close to the entrance that has most recently been restored. This is a very large ball court, but quite a bit smaller than the one at Chichen Itza.
Coba Ball court
coba temple - Nohoch Mul
Nohoch Mul is the tallest temple in the Northern Yucatan at 42m (140 ft) high. It has rounded corners similar in style to the temple of the magician at Uxmal. At this time you are still allowed to climb up. Those who do are rewarded by an incredible view of the lakes and the surrounding jungle. Do wear footwear with sturdy soles as sometimes the steps can be slippery when damp.

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