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Blue Guide Mexico, © John collis and David M. Jones 1997, W. W. Norton & Company s

As a guide book, this is hard to follow, but the index is good and the archaeological information is top notch. It has great historical information about most sites and details interesting information about individual buildings. We ran into guides who had copied the pages out of this book and were reading it as reference material. If you don't plan on hiring a guide to sites, this book will come in handy. Better carry reading glasses if you need them, this book has tiny text on 937 pages.

Lost Cities of the Maya, © Harry N Abrams, Inc., 1992, New York, and Thames and Hudson Ltd., London

This is nice pictorial study of Mayan cities and the history behind their discovery. The book includes vintage photographs of some of most well known Mayan sites. every one of its 175 pages are packed with illustrations and drawings. If you only buy one book on Mayans, this would be a good choice.

A Field Guide to the Amphibians and Reptiles of the Maya World, by Julian C. Lee © 2000 by Cornell University

This is a very complete reference guide for those wanting to know more about amphibians and reptiles of the Yucatan. It's hard to make a visit to the area without running into several varieties of iguana and geckos at the very least. This book is full of maps and drawings as well as several page of color photos to help you identify the scaly beings.

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