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Kinichna, meaning "House of the Sun" is a fairly old ruin with buildings built somewhere in the time frame of 200-600 AD. The ruin has only recently been opened up. We tried to find it in 1998 and were unsuccessful, but in 2000 were able to see it for the first time due to better roads. Kinichna is very close to Dzibanche and Kohunlich, so can plan on seeing all three in the same day. It is much smaller than either of them, and is easy to see in an hour or less. You must pay the entrance fee at Dzibanche where there are also bathrooms. If you are short on time, this is the ruin to skip as it only includes one large building.

Map showing location of Dzibanche. The road to Dzibanche is well marked from highway 186. From 307, take the turnoff to Escarcega and then follow the signs. The turnoff on your right is one km. East of the turnoff to Kohunlich (shown bolded to the right.

While Kinichna is small, its largest temple is huge. Take the time to climb it, for the view at the top is beautiful. It appears to be comprised of three structures united into one.

Hours: 8-5 daily, entry fee is included in the entry fee to Dzibanche



This is a good example of a Mayan Arch at the top of the large temple.


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Last updated: June 28, 2012

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