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Mayan Wedding Ceremony

Invite the spirit of the Maya to bless your Union

Mayan Beach Garden is pleased to have Mayan Priests travel 4 hours from a small Maya Village to bless the weddings and vow renewals of couples here at Mayan Beach Garden. The Maya team is comprised of priests and musicians. The Mayan Ceremony can be combined with a civil ceremony or customized to include your vows and special requests.

The wedding arch is made of plants and flowers from the jungle to represent the closest to nature. Under the arch is an altar that represents the four corners of the earth and includes the four elements of fire, wind, water and earth. Prayers are given to bring the spirit of the natural world into the lives of the couples being joined and to bless their lives together. Those who participate in the Ceremony Maya will feel the special feeling of love and the communion with nature.

Mayan Wedding Altar

Make sure and pose with the Mayan Priests (in white) and the Mayan Musicians (in ceremonial outfits.) Some couples choose to have both the priests and the musicians all in ceremonial outfits, but the traditional way is to have the priests in white. The prayers are in the Mayan Language, translated into Spanish by one of the priests. We can supply a translator into English.

Maya Priests and Musicians

Musicians dressed in Ceremonial garb include wooden flute, drum made from a hollowed out trunk, gourds, conch shells and timber drums used anciently. These are real Mayas not "new age" ceremony Mayas. The prayers are handed down from the ancients and the pride these men have for their ancestral ceremony cannot be duplicated.

No "here comes the bride" music is needed, because the musicians play music especially for the moment the bride arrives. Throughout the ceremony, instruments are used at just the right time.

Maya Musicians

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