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Mayan Beach Garden has three long term stay rooms that have full kitchens and rent by the week or longer.
Daily rates include breakfast. Ask about discounted weekly and monthly rates. (

#5 Palenque

Palenque with bed and kitchen

Palenque is the largest of the three studio apartments and includes:

  • Queen sized sled bed
  • Armoir
  • Pantry
  • Chest of drawers
  • Kitchen table and computer table
  • Stove/Oven
  • Full sized fridge
  • Microwave
  • Futon that makes into a full sized bed
  • Blender, French press coffee maker, and table settings for 4
  • Screened porch
  • Breakfast included when paying daily rate
Bed and kitchen in Kohunlich

Palenque's sled bed and gel-top mattress make for a great sleep in Palenque. The room includes optional A/C (fee extra), one fan over the bed and one over the kitchen area.

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View from Palenque

Palenque has a Partial view of the ocean from the beach side deck. It is difficult to take a picture of it but this is a fair approximation of what you see.Tthe palms have grown up tall enough that you can see under them, yet they supply shade and a spot for birds to perch. The Beach side deck includes one hammock, two deck chairs and one table.
Kitchen with pantry

Room Features in this view:

  • Full Kitchen
  • Blender and mixer
  • Microwave
  • Pantry
  • Purified water
  • Ceiling fan over kitchen
  • Security safe
  • Clothes closet
  • Oven and stovetop
  • Under counter lights
  • Utensils for 6
Eastward view of  room

Feature of this image:

  • The room steps out onto a deck with two deck chairs and one hammock and small table.
  • The door has a screened door and all the windows are screened.
  • The table under the window is equipped with a USB charger outlet.
  • The sofa-bed/Futon makes into a Matrimonial sized bed
  • Bedside tables
  • Reading lights over bed
Screened Porch with Mosaic floor Screened porch with a view to the stairs that lead up to the rooftop for viewing the stars.
Mosaic screened porch

This mosaic carpet greets you as you enter Palenque's screened porch.


Mosaic carpet


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Mosaic Headboard

Tonina Studio Apartment includes:

  • Elevated bed with mosaic headboard
  • Sofa Bed
  • Hammock
  • 2 deck chairs
  • Full kitchen
  • Mosaic tiled bathroom and kitchen
  • Private entrance
  • Private deck
  • Purified water
  • Ceiling fans
  • Option A/C (extra fee)
  • Security safe
  • Closet for clothing
  • Marble counter top
  • Private Bath with hot water, glass block shower
Looking out onto Hammock

This image of Tonina has many features:

  • Screened door that steps out onto private deck with two chairs, small table and hammock. The deck has a partial view of the sea.
  • Table with USB outlet charger
  • Sofa bed/futon that makes into a matrimonial bed
  • Armoire
  • Equipal chair

Tonina entire room photo





Tonina's King -sized elevated bed is the focus of the room. The height puts you at the same level as the windows, allowing you to look out onto coconut palms and see the birds in the trees.


Tonina has a full kitchen with:

  • Stove,
  • Oven
  • Microwave
  • Full sized refridgerator with freezer
  • Blender and mixer
  • French press coffee maker.
  • Purified water (from dispenser)
  • Service for 6
  • "El Barro" style pottery safe for cooking
  • Pots and Pans
  • Sheet pan
  • Pantry
  • Cleaning supplies
Mosaic Headboard  
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