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***********************Newsletter: October 4th, 2004**************************

Hi neighbors, It has been just a couple of weeks since the last newsletter, and there has been no new news to report on the environmental meetings or the progress of getting electricity here so this will be a newsletter full of fluff and with little substance.

ROAD CONDITIONS AND HIWAY CONSTRUCTION REPORTS I've had a lot of questions about the rainy season and the road conditions.  The rain has started (finally -- those of us with cisterns are pretty happy about that) and we do have a few mosquitoes, but blessedly the tabanos are now gone.  Along with the rain comes potholes.  The paved "Jungle road" going north from the Cafetal-Mahahual highway toward Tampalam now has a couple of potholes.  At this point they are minor, easy to spot and small -- with the tour busses going to Ubero, I expect this to worsen.  The access roads to Placer and to Ubero are still in excellent condition with no erosion or potholes.  The beach road North from Ubero is beautiful, not even potholes since it was recently graded.  The beach road from Placer to Rio Indio now has a couple of potholes that you have to slow down for, but still very good driving.  The road up to Punta Herrera is quite passable. We had guests go there last week in a small rental and made it from our place in Placer to Punta Herrera with no problems. The cafetal Mahahual highway was very well made with a good road base and we don't anticipate any road trouble, still, we will report here if there is anything to be aware of.  The construction of the new highway from the Cafetal junction to Chetumal is moving right along.  The portion from the junction to Bacalar is complete.  Bacalar itself is a slow drive with at least 8 topes in the city, not all of them well marked.  South of Bacalar they are constructing a divided highway all the way to Chetumal.  Portions of it are already complete and as of last week, there are about 12 km of the new concrete highway that you can drive on.  It is still excruciatingly slow if you get behind a truck once you pass the junction to Escarcega, but it is great to see the progress.

SUGGESTIONS! Please offer up suggestions and we will post them here. I have had a suggestion that it would be nice to post properties for sale or list the names of people looking to purchase land here in the newsletter.  If you have property or are interested please let me know.  I have had another suggestion to post web site addresses of neighbors so that you can get to know them.  If you have a web site (either personal or promoting your business) and would like to have your web site address posted here so others can see it and learn more about you or what you do for a living, please send me the URL and I will include it in the next newsletter. There is one at the end of the newsletter -- let me know if you want to see more of this type of thing. I have also had some requests for environmental information.  We have heard that there is a new environmental law going into effect on Nov. 15th that may impact the removal of some native plants.  When we hear something more concrete we will report it here.

VALUABLE WEATHER RELATED WEB SITE LINKS Many of you may be familiar with the weather sites of , or , but these weather sites get their information from the US government.  You can get this information yourself and see amazing satellite images and forecasts.  There are two sites worth looking at.  One is the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration or NOAA.  Their web site is, but it isn't very well organized and hard to find the information pertinent to the Costa Maya.  It's worth taking a look at the Site directory to see what all is there.  There are links on the site (hard to find) to animated loops of the Geostationary Satellite Server pointed at the Caribbean Hurricane sector, of which we are in the lower left quadrant. .  Also worth bookmarking is the National Hurricane Center site. .  During hurricane Ivan, this was updated every half hour with animated paths of the hurricane.  There are no active hurricanes right now, but on the site is also a lot of information about hurricanes and their history. 

ROLL-UP PIANO A while back, we had a guest visit us who is now a property owner in Placer.  Gabe Zarnotti and Cindy Crawford (not the model, this Cindy Crawford is in medical sales) left behind this amazing roll-up piano. Since then we've had a lot of fun with it. This is a rather new invention in the U.S. I thought you might be interested because due to the size it is quite unique and might be fun to take along if you play the piano and travel a lot as many of you do.  The piano rolls up so that it fits into a carrying case that is 8 1/2" by 11" and only 2" thick.  It runs on 4 AA batteries and has 99 different instrumental tones.  Anyway, in an effort to help you to know your neighbors and what they do, I've included a link to the web site of the roll-up piano.

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