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We have never really released anything to the press, but I figured it wouldn't hurt to show what other modes of the press are saying about Mayan Beach Garden. Most of these are digitallybased, but there are other sources as well. If we ever do release anything to the press it will be a big surprise to us.

Mayan Beach Garden on the cover of Karen Brown's Guide to Mexico!

Yes it is true, Mayan Beach Garden was the featured hotel on the cover of the 2007 issue of Karen Brown's guide to Mexico. Read the review of Mayan Beach Garden and see the water color of the cabanas. We were picked out of all locations in Mexico to be on the cover. You can purchase prints on the Karen Brown Website.

Kiss Country 99.9 Drew and Chuck show

After staying at Mayan Beach Garden for a week, Drew Montgomery of Kiss Country's Drew and Chuck Breakfast Club posted his vacation pictures on his Breakfast Club's website. Originating out of Ashville, TN, this syndicated country western radio station covers several southern states.

"Hidden Cancún and the Yucatán"
by Richard Harris, Ulysses Press,

"North of Majahual near the small village of El Placer, Mayan Beach Garden has four thatched-roof stucco cabanas with 2 more under construction. Each cabana has a double bed, a rattan loveseat and storage shelves, terra-cotta tile floors and a private bath with a shower and a hand-painted sink. There are solar powered lights and solar-heated water. Daily maid and laundry service are available for a small extra charge and there's an optional meal plan. Reservations can only be made via the Internet. Ceiling fans. - El Placer"

MBG NOTE: this review is from 2004 -- we are not under construction!

Newsletter "Costa Maya & Lake Bacalar Update"

"Where To Stay?

Each time I go down to the Costa Maya I generally try to stay at a different hotel.  This helps me get to know the business owners and keeps me up to date on the latest happenings in the area.  This time I stayed at Mayan Beach Garden, owned and operated by Kim and Marcia.  This hotel is located about 20 km north of Majahual in a section known as El Placer.  This hotel has been operational for about a year and the owners have done an excellent job at making the experience there highly enjoyable.  Situated on one of the most beautiful stretches of beach in the Costa Maya, this place is extra special.  The reef in front of the hotel is relatively close and provides an opportunity for outstanding diving and snorkeling.  Both breakfast and dinner are provided at the hotel.  With relatively few good restaurants in the area, a hotel that serves these meals is a big plus.  The dinner is top notch also.  Served at one large table, Marcia prepared an outstanding chicken dish using a unique Yucatan recipe.  I can only think of three hotels in the whole Costa Maya that provide this kind of service.  If you're ever in the area, you really should check this place out. I give it high marks."

Read the Review by www.

Article in "Sac-be," January 2005

"As tourism in the Mayan Riviera flourishes each year, luxury resorts and a highway of loaded tour buses are slowly taming the wild frontier of Quintana Roo with its miles of deserted beaches and acres of impenetrable jungle. The once still coastline is changing into a bustling vacation destination, and retreats from the crowds are getting harder to find.  However, on a recent trip to the Costa Maya, a strip of coastline stretching from a few miles south of Tulum down to Belize reflecting the tranquility of the Mayan Riviera of years past, my friends and I stumbled upon a secluded hideaway 20 kilometers north of Mahahual ­ Mayan Beach Garden.

The town of El Placer is an area so secluded there is no signage for it on the main highway to Mahajual.  It was purely by chance that we took a left turn into the unknown and found a quaint, beachfront bed & breakfast in what seemed to be the middle of nowhere.  Mayan Beach Garden, owned and operated by Kim and Marcia Bales of Seattle, WA, is nestled on the undisturbed shore of El Placer Bay. 

We pulled in late and with no restaurants nearby and no notice of our arrival, we wondered about our next meal, but Marcia just smiled and said she would have dinner ready by seven.  My companions and I enjoyed a simple yet delicious meal of seasoned tacos al carbon wrapped in thick tortillas that were handmade in Marcia¹s kitchen accompanied by fresh guacamole and chased with cold, 10 peso beers.  For dessert we enjoyed a moist homemade papaya cake drizzled with caramel sauce that could have been served in a five star hotel!  Framed photographs of Mexican, Peruvian and Guatemalan ruin sites that Kim and Marcia had visited decorated the walls in the dining room.  The couple told us that their fondness for ruins had led them to their new home. 

We retired to our cabanas and found them charming and most comfortable. They included king-sized beds with thick mattresses, large walk-in showers and hand painted sinks.  The cabanas are beachfront and operate on solar power. Kim, an expert builder, designed each to catch the Caribbean trade winds so
we were very comfortable without air conditioning.  I delighted in falling asleep to the lapping waves rather than to the hum of a window unit.

The next morning we sat on the beach just outside of our rooms to watch the sunrise when Ricardo, our hospitable waiter from the night before, greeted us with a smiling face and a tray of mugs filled with rich Chiapas coffee. How about that?  Bayside service!

That afternoon, Marcia gave us a tour of her favorite snorkeling spot located on the northern end of the bay.  We snorkeled through the most vibrant coral garden just 150 yards from the shore.  Brilliant pink,
periwinkle blue, bright yellow and orange ­the reef was very much alive!  We saw skates (similar to stingrays), schools of blue tang, large parrotfish, and several other species of colorful fish.  We spent a good part of the day swimming around Marcia¹s fantastic underwater garden.  Upon returning from our snorkel trip, my sister, an avid birdwatcher, reported spotting blue heron, a falcon and a flock of green parrots while relaxing on the patio in front of her room.  We had all taken pleasure in a quiet day appreciating the natural beauty of the Yucatan.

The group enjoyed farewell pina coladas on the beach and thanked everyone for their hospitality before packing up to leave. We all agreed we were departing much too soon, but we had certainly found a new refuge and would return.  Admittedly, I was torn as to whether or not I should share our secret haven with others, but Mayan Beach Garden was just too good to keep to myself.  For directions and a list of activities in the area, go to  Marcia has built an extensive website with lots of information covering the Costa Maya.  If you are looking for a place to explore nature with such activities as a boat trip through the Sian Kaan bioreserve, diving the Chinchorro Reef, or visiting the local monkey farm, or perhaps you just want to spend the weekend reading a novel, Mayan Beach Garden is the ideal retreat for you. "


Mayan Beach Garden Resort