Mayan Beach Garden Resort
Day of the Dead Bread

Lunch/Dinner Menu (English)

Hours: 12:30 PM-3:00 PM / 5:30 PM - 8:00 PM (latest drop-in time)

Especial del Dia:

Changes daily, vegetarian/Vegan, chicken or fish options, sometimes pork. 

All Entres include Pico de Gallo, MBG Frijole dip, chips and purified ice water Plant Based

Plant Based Indicates Plant Based Options Plant Based

Entres: Prices subject to change

  1.  Fish Filet cooked in garlic butter with a raspberry chipotle sauce, Rice, and salad $240 MX

  2. Chicken Breast or Pork Steak cooked over flame with BBQ sauce rice and salad $195  MX

  3. Fajitas with rice, black beans, handmade tortillas
    Options: Chicken or, pork 195 MX,  shrimp $210MX,  or vegan $180MX Plant Based

  4. Breaded pan fried Chicken breast or pork $195MX, also Fish $210 MX, with Rice, and green salad

  5. Ceviche medium- $250MX        Grande - $350MX.  Mixed Octopus, shrimp and fish

  6. Cochinita Pibil $195 MX served with rice, handmade tortillas and salad, VEGAN Pibil $185 MX Plant Based

  7. Lobster (in season)
    Cooked in real butter and chipotles, served with vegetables and rice $2 pesos per gram

  8. Quekas – Similar to a huge quesadilla filled with Cheese, Chaya, Poblano, onion, tomato and your choice of Chicken $165MX, Shrimp $175MX, Vegetarian/Vegan $155 MX Plant Based

  9. Tacos Rollado – (Mix between a Wrap and a Burrito) made with a handmade corn tortilla filled with Cabbage, shredded carrot, beans, rice, cheese, guacamole, and tomatoes. 
    Options: Chicken  $165MX  Shrimp $175 Vegan $155 Plant Based

  10. Three Generous Tacos of handmade tortillas with refried beans and lime-cabbage slaw
    Options: Chicken $195MX ,   Shrimp  or  Fish $210MX, Vegan $185MX Plant Based

 Salad & Sandwich: 

  1. Chef’s Salad -option of Chicken or shrimp ($185), lettuce, hard boiled eggs, tomatoes, onion, cucumber and pineapple, with Choice of dressing.  VEGAN with lentils & black beans 175MX Plant Based

  2. Taco Salad   With Chicken $185 MX  Vegetarian/VEGAN $175 MX Plant Based
    Includes lettuce, tortilla chips , tomaotes, guacamole, pineapple,black beans, cheese and selection of crema or , Chipotle-Ranch or house dressing

  3. BLT Sandwich , Bacon, Tomatoes, lettuce, avocado, mayonaise $95 MX

  4. Vegan Sandwich with vegan MBG burger, MBG bread made in our kitchen with lettuce, tomatoe, onion, avocado and ovlive oil. $115MX Plant Based
    • Plant BasedPico de gallo, chips & bean-dip $65MX
    • Plant BasedRice, Beans and, pico de gallo $80MX
    • Plant Based<Guacamole y chips:   $75 MX
    • Plant BasedGrilled Veggies:  $75 MX
    • Plant BasedTropical fruit smoothis w/yogurt or soy  $85MX
    • Sopa Del Dia 65 MX - Usually we have a vegetarian soup
    • Quesadillas (2)/ on flour tortilla $55MX Chicken or ham added - $70 MX
    • Plant Based Fruit Plate $85
    • Plant BasedHouse salad: lettuce, tomatoes and pipitas w/house dressing -or- Ranch-lime dressing with Goat cheese $70 MX
    • Dessert del dia $45 MX