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MAHA-WHAT? Mahahual, Mexico (pronounced Ma-ha-wahl and spelled interchangeably as Mahajual and Majahual) is a small fishing village turned cruise ship destination and the closest town to Mayan Beach Garden with services. Mahahual (the State of Quintana's Roo's spelling) is the heart of the Costa Maya -- the section of coast running from the Sian Ka'an to the town of Xcalak, which is close to the border of Belize. The turnoff to Mahahual is located on Highway 307, just past the village of Limones. The exit to Mahahual at Cafetal junction is well marked. The sign at the junction is now spelled Mahahual, so don't be confused with cruise ship spellings that still have it listed as Majahual. Apparently spelling is arbitrary - I've even seen it spelled Magahual on a local map and local businesses have begun to liberally misspell the name as well to promote their businesses.For example, the Material yard in Mahahual is named "Matehual" and a local tour company is name "Mayahual". So I will use arbitrary spelling here - its all the same Majahual!!

Both the Costa Maya and Majahual/Mahahual are currently being promoted as a cruise ship destination. For years, southern Quintana Roo was ignored by investors in love with Cancun. But times are changing and Mahajual is the heart of Costa Maya - Mexico's newest tourist destination.
Mahahual shopping

Mahahual and the Costa Maya was hit by a category 5 hurricane Dean on August 20, 2007. Mahahual has returned from near destruction with help from local governments, generous people and businesses in the Playa del Carmen area, aid agencies and a lot of hard work. For 1 year, Mahahualeneans were out of work. The cruise ships returned on Oct. 2008 - over one year later. In many areas, you would never know the 3rd worst hurricane ever to hit land came through the small pueblo. Come see for yourself why people are starting to notice Mahahual!

Mahahual, Mexico Information

City street of Mahahual with hotel
Majahual was originally a sleepy little fishing village with a couple of small hotels, unpaved sandy streets and a few rustic seafood and italian restaurants.
Currently, the streets are under construction and the government is building a pedestrian walkway, or Malecon. The good news is that only foot traffic will be allowed along the beach.

\map mahahual-Costa Maya

When the Cruise ships are in town, the things change significantly. The quiet waterfront is replaced by wave runners, vendors, people hawking wares and lots of things to do. If you are traveling on a Cruise ship, the itinerary may state that the stop at Majahual is the Costa Maya.

The cruise dock is about 1/2 mile north of Majahual proper. Those visiting the dock can get taxis and shuttles to the town. There is a "touristy" development at the dock with pool, bars and lots of expensive shops. We recommend getting out of the dock area and experiencing the area.

The Costa Maya dock at Majahual

Mahahual Beach-side Restaurants in Mahahual

When the cruise ships are not in Mahahual, you can sit quietly at the beach side bars and enjoy a quite drink. The atmosphere changes considerably when the population is inundated with thousands of cruise ship tourists.

There are just starting to be some very good restaurants opening in Mahahual. This site will be updated soon with our recommendations.

This picture was taken of Majahual sans-cruise ship. When the cruise ship is in town, the area is full of dive operators that will take you to the local reefs, fishermen who will take you out on a boat and taxi drivers ready to take you to a number of local attractions. You can also rent wave runners, pick up snorkeling trips or many other waterfront activities.

Other activities include tours to the ruins of Kohunlich or Chacchoban, trips to Bacalar, or even a visit to Uvero Point where you can visit a "real" beach and swim with Dolphins. If you want accommodations away from the crowds, we recommend Mayan Beach Garden, since the crowds stay far away from our secluded strip of Paradise. .

Boat docks at Majahual
Majahual "hilton" gift shop There are always some vendors selling souvenirs in Majahual, as they are here in front of the Mahahual hotel. When the cruise ships arrive, the number of shops increases significantly. An artist's craft mall that rents out garage style booths is now open and new palapa vendors booths on the beach will be renting out spaces in the 2008 season.
Click on the Map for a detailed view of a map of Mahahual old town and Costa Maya Port. Mahahual map Map of area around porto Costa Maya