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COVID 19 Q & A (updated 5/30/20)

Are you open?

We are open to long term stays

Are masks required at Mayan Beach Garden and in Mahahual?

In Mahahual masks are required inside. Note that many people do not follow the rules, especially tourists. This is unfortunate. There are some good businesses that continue to ask people to use masks. If his is a concern of yours, please ask us.

At Mayan Beach Garden, masks are required in common areas, in the restaurant and bar area and anywhere you may come in contact with other guests. This is to protect yourselves and our staff. Remember that you may have come in contact with the virus elsewhere. The mask is to protect everyone. Mayan Beach Garden is not accepting children under the age of 12 during COVID.

Are you still having the group family style dinners?

Many of our guests come for the opportunity to meet others at the hotel while enjoying communal dinners. We regret to inform you that our famous family long-table style dining each evening will be temporarily altered so that our tables can be 1.5 meters apart as recommendations require. It won't stop you from enjoying conversations with other tables. Those who want to communicate with other guests may eat in the outside area. Those wanting a private table far away from others may have a table inside or eat in their rooms. We are still offering our menu of the day and have added new menu items.

What safety precautions are you making to help guests feel safe?

  • Isolated and private beach - but our guests know that .
  • Each guest will be issued sanitized beach pad and beach towel for the duration of his/her stay
  • Rooms and linens and keys will be sanitized prior to your arrival
  • Sanitary kits will be provided in every room which includes masks, gel, and disinfectant spray.
  • Hand sanitizing Gel and disinfectant spray will be available for guest use at various locations throughout the hotel
  • Room service available for all meals
  • All bar drinks will be mixed in the kitchen for guest and staff protection
  • Morning self-serve coffee bar will temporarily be unavailable. Guests can still get early morning coffee starting at 7:00. Coffee will be poured by a waiter at your table and guest rooms will be equipped with French press and also will receive a pitcher of coffee delivered to your room.
  • Other small meaningful changes are being made to protect guests and staff.

Do you have a special Cancellation Policy During COVID 19?

Since each case is unique, we will work with our clients in the event of an illness, flight cancellation or other Covid related issues. Any funds not returned can be credited to a future rental. No shows without contacting us will not receive credit.

Contact Marcia at for more information

Is it true that it is difficult to travel around the state

Originally Mahahual was in lockdown and there were temperature checks along the highway. These have long been removed.

What about transportation right now? (updated on 2/11/22)

Public transportation is still limited. One half-bus a day travels to and from Playa del Carmen to Mahahual. Vans leave hourly, however. Travel on Sunday mornings is not as frequent. There is a small ADO station in Mahahual that you can make reservations one week in advance. AS always, things change frequently. Hopfully with more frequent busses. There are hourly busses from Bacalar.

Do you still have all of your workers?

We continued paying our staff through the period of the virus. They have loyally stayed with us, even though their take-home pay was low without overtime and tips. Never-the-less, those who have accustomed to seeing Rafael, Doris, Martin, and Bianka will be happy that our high quality staff are still with us. We continue to be concerned about their safety and the things we are doing for our guests are equally important for our staff, some who have been with us over 15 years. Please do not be offended if asked to use masks.

What is your masking policy ?

We ask that our guests mask up inside the dining room area. it is tempting to come in without a mask, but please think of our staff.

Questions about the Costa Maya

What is the Costa Maya?

The Costa Maya is a marketing term assigned to the beachfront area that stretches from Xcalak in the south and north to the border of the Sian Ka'an biosphere. Secondly it is the name of the pier where the cruise ships dock. For the cruise ship visitor, the area is know as the Costa Maya port. The Costa Maya port had up to 12 ships a week during high season of 2005, was damaged as a result of the 2007 Hurricane Dean and was closed for almost a year.

What days are the cruise ships in Mahahual and the Costa Maya Port?

The Costa Maya cruise ship calendar is posted on the Mayan Beach Garden web site. The cruise ship schedules change constantly. Furthermore, they may not dock due to inclement weather conditions. You may want to wait until a cruise ship day to shop in town, rent wave runners or pursue other activities when there are more vendors. If you like tranquility - stay far away from town on those dates!

Driving, transportation and "How far away..." Questions

What major city would we fly into?

There are four options with the benefits and disadvantages to each below. (Information about busses below in this section)

  1. Cancun -- usually very competitive rates, easy to rent a car or take a bus from the airport. Plus there are some sights to see on the way down if you want to make a day of the drive (4.5 hour drive is the disadvantage) You can rent a driver to pick you up for $200 USD.
  2. Chetumal -- Two hours away and 15 minutes from plane to curb. Currently there are no direct flights from the US to Chetumal but most flights originate from Mexico city. Easy to rent cars (they will be waiting for you at the curb) and taxi's in Chetumal are very cheap. You can take a Taxi here for $950 pesos plus gratuities.
  3. Merida - 4.5 hour drive, but you get to go through quaint villages. We like Merida too. Spend a night in Merida and then come here, stopping at some ruins on the way (we can make some suggestions) The drive has good roads and lots to see. If you inadvertently take the wrong 184 south, it will add an extra hour to the drive as you will end up going through every small town south of Merida.
  4. Belize City- only about 35 miles from the border to Chetumal. Prices can be competitive with Cancun airport and busses go from Belize City to Chetumal several times a day.

What is there to do on the drive from Cancun to Mayan Beach Garden Inn?
The drive from Cancun airport to Mayan Beach Garden takes about 4.5 hours -- but there are several things to do along the way, from the Crocozoo, to the Mayan Ruin of Tulum, to the little town of Felipe Carrillo Puerto -- so plan on making a day of it. If your flight arrives in the afternoon, plan on spending the night in Playa del Carmen, Akumal, Tulum or Paamul and enjoy the drive. We do not recommend driving in the dark as there are no street lights.

What are the road conditions like?
Road conditions are relatively good. There are some areas of road repair going on, but everything else is on a fairly good road with widening and resurfacing projects going on. Specific ROAD CONDITIONS are on the Driving Directions page on the Mayan Beach Garden web site. The beach road during times of rain is not good. Please be patient.

How late is the gas station open and is it open on holidays?
The gas station is open around the clock and on holidays with the exception of New Years morning. Sometimes, however they run out of gas or cannot operate because they are out of power. There is a gas station 5 km south of Cafetal junction in that event.

Would it be better to fly into Belize City or Cancun if we want to drive to your place?
While it is slightly closer in miles to fly into Belize City, getting a rental car that would allow you to cross the border can be expensive. There are good busses from Belize to Chetumal, however. Another option is to fly into Chetumal. The airport in Chetumal is only 1:45 hour away. You can now find flights into Chetumal from web sites like Orbitz and Expedia at comparable rates to flying into Cancun. Most flights to Chetumal all go through Mexico City. At the time of this posting, there is a weekly Saturday flight from Chetumal to Miami.

Can you rent a car in Chetumal?
You can rent a car in Chetumal from the following locations:

Continental Rent a Car
Av. Héroes 171-B. Lobby del hotel Holiday Inn
Chetumal, Quintana Roo
Phone:(983) 832-2411, 835-0400

Av. Revolución No. 115
Chetumal, Quintana Roo
Phone:(983) 832-0092 y 832-2860

Aventura Maya Car Rental
Av. Independencia No. 168 Entre Efraín Aguilar y Mahatma Ghandi
Col. Centro
Chetumal, Quintana Roo
Phone:(983) 285-5940

Perico´s Tours (will deliver to Mahahual if you want to first take the bus)
Contact: José Alvaro Hoil Torres
Calle Manuel Acuña No. 109
Fracc. Cumbres
Chetumal, Quintana Roo
Phone:Tel:(983) 837-2503, (983) 839-1100 (cellular)

Volkswagen Dealership - close to the airport
Chetumal (983) 832-37-57 or (983) 832-82-27
The Volkswagen dealership is located close to the airport by La Fuente Maya (Mayan Fountain).They are open until 6:00 PM for drop-ins but close in the middle of the day for Siesta (1:00 - 4:00 PM).

What is the best way to get to Mayan Beach Garden?
Currently, the best way to get to Mayan Beach Garden is to rent a car from the airport or Playa del Carmen. Once in Cancun, you can rent a car from all of the major car rental agencies as well as some of the lesser ones. Once you get to the airport you can often bargain the price down or negotiate for a better car. You can arrange car transport, for the rate of $200 per one way trip. Marcia can help you book this. Busses are also an alternative.

Do I need a 4-wheel drive to get around?
The roads are very good all the way to Mayan Beach Garden so you won't need a 4-wheel drive to get there. However, vehicles with high clearance are an asset. Everything is paved up to the beach road. We are only 3 km south the beach road from the Placer access, which has a few potholes, but unless it has been raining buckets is easy to traverse. We are 10 km N. from the Rio Indio beach access. If you are going into the Sian Ka'an you can get there with a regular car except during rainy season.

Haw far is it from/to?
NOTE: all times below are to/from Mayan Beach Garden and assume conditions are normal - allow more time if driving in dark ir rain or at rush hour

30 minutes Majahual
1:20 minutes from the town of Bacalar.
2.1/2 hours
4 1/2 hours
Playa del Carmen
3 1/2 hours
2 hours


4.5 hours
1 hour to Mayan Ruin of Chacchoben
2 hours to Mayan Ruin of Kohunlich,
2 hours to Mayan Ruin of Dzibanche
2 hours
Chichen Itza
4 hours (if you go on the toll road)
1 1/4 hours

Is there any shuttle/public transportation available from Chetumal to your place?
You can get a bus to Mahahual, but currently no bus goes to Mayan Beach Garden directly. There is a half-bus that travels into Mahahual. You can buy tickets for specific travel dates and times at the terminals in Playa Del Carmen, Cancun and Chetumal. It is difficult to buy online. There are taxis in Mahahual that will take you to Mayan Beach Garden. Currently the price of a taxi from Mahahual is $310 pesos or $620 round trip. A taxi from Chetumal to Mayan Beach Garden is approximately $950 pesos one-way. A taxi from Mahahual to Chetumal is more expensive.

Can you rent a car in Mahahual?
Not on a regular basis. There is no agency, only individuals renting cars.

I am going to drive around the Yucatan. Where can I find a good map?
Google maps is availble throughout the Yucatan, however if you don't have phone coverage in Mexico, you might not be able to take advantage of it. The best paper map that we are aware of is a Canadian map of the Yucatan Peninsula. You can buy it on or directly from:

International Travel Maps
530 West Broadway
Vancouver, BC, Canada V5Z 4A5

Can you take a boat from Cancun to Costa Maya
No, not that I am aware of.

Is there a bus from Cancun to Mahahual?
Yes, but not directly from Cancun airport . If coming from the Cancun Airport (which is south of the city of Cancun), you must change busses in Playa Del Carmen or from Cancun city terminal which is north of the airport. The ADO bus to Playa leaves every half hour during high season from the airport. The rate is $190 pesos. From Playa Del Carmen you can get either a MayaB bus to Limones and transfer to a Caribe or ADO bus that goes to Mahahual or take the ADO bus from Playa Del Carmen direct to Mahahual or Limones.

NOTE: The ADO bus is often canceled during some times of the year and during COVID, , please check to make sure it is available.

Does your resort have a shuttle service to and from Mahahual?
No, we are not allowed by law to offer that type of service. However, if we are going in to town we are happy to drop you off and pick you back up when we return or arrange transport with Taxis.

Is there a boat from the Costa Maya to Belize?
Prior to COVID, a regular boat taxi from Chetumal to Belize that was cancelled during Covid. At this time there is no date iisted as to if and when it will return.

Is there 24hr taxi service in your area?
Yes, The rate currently is $310 pesos each way from Mahahual to Mayan Beach Garden, but subject to change.

Other information about driving in Quintana Roo including driving tips

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Do you have "Boogie Boards" or other water equipment that we can use?
Yes, we do have Boogie Boards, inflatable Stand up paddle boards and snorkels for rent by the day. We also have kayaks that are complementary for guests. For all others, you can rent Kayaks for a nominal fee. We have two life jackets in small adult sizes.
See Other Services.

Do you have snorkel gear for kids?
We have snorkel gear for adults and larger youths that you can rent, but we get very few children here so we don't carry equipment for them. So that you have the best time, we suggest that you purchase your snorkeling equipment before you come if you have children.

I've never snorkeled before, what equipment do I need? Is the snorkel equipment at Sam's Club or Costco good enough? Can I purchase inexpensive snorkel gear?
You can purchase good snorkel equipment at Sam's club and Costco, except there is no way to try on the mask unless they have a special vendor selling equipment. The adjustable fins are very good, but not all snorkels fit all faces. Look for the following:

  • When sizing a snorkel mask, make sure that there is a good suction when you breath in through your nose. If air gets in, you can be sure that water will too.
  • Look for snorkels that protect from waves coming in from the top.
  • Look for snorkels that have a purge valve just below the mouth piece. Water can collect there and it is easier to blow it out and it makes for less swallowed sea water.
  • The mouth piece should fit as well, although many people aren't bothered by the mouth piece. If you have a small bite or sensitive gums, you may want to try on the mouthpiece. You can purchase mouth pieces separately at dive shops.

There are many good makes, but you will have more fun if you have equipment that fits your body. We don't recommend the cheap sets. The mask plastic can be hard, making for poor suction around your face and the hard plastic on the fins can cause blisters on your feet. You can find a decent snorkel/fin set for around $70 USD at Sam's Club and Costco.

Do I need snorkel fins to snorkel - isn't a mask good enough?<
A MASK IS NOT SUFFICIENT!!! PLEASE do not try and snorkel without fins. If you try to snorkel in just bare feet, you must kick too hard and you run the danger of scratching your feet on coral and also of damaging this precious life form. The other thing is that snorkeling is about looking, not swimming. Fins act as buoyancy devices that help your feet stay afloat. PLEASE do not snorkel in aqua shoes, sandals or tennis shoes. It is too tempting to stand up on coral or other fragile sea life. If you are not a good swimmer, we suggest purchasing blow-up snorkel vests. We have some here.

What should I bring to have fun?
We've put together a packing list to help you make the most of your vacation -- its not fun to come unprepared, especially when the destination is a remote location.

What is there to do in the evening?
Dinner is served after dark, so becomes a socializing opportunity. We have games and a communal area with a couch and chairs that guests get together and lounge. We have found that most of our guests have enjoyed meeting new friends and end up playing cards or other games together, or just socializing with an after dinner drink. You will also find your internal clock changing and matching the rising and setting of the sun so that you will get tired earlier and want to get up with the rising of the sun -- leaving the clock behind. For those who need electronic entertainment, we have a selection of DVD's to play in your own portable player or laptop.

The evenings are gorgeous at the beach. On a moonlit night you won't want to be inside, but you will want to explore in the moonlight, which acts like a big flashlight lighting the white sand -- something you have to experience. If you have flexibility -- think about the stages of the moon as you schedule your trip. If you are into astrology, your best views of the stars will be on nights with a sliver of moon. The stars on those nights will astound you as you view the Milky Way with the naked eye.

Are there other shops and restaurants within walking distance?
Not at this time, we are fairly isolated. Mahahual is a 30 minute drive away where there are other restaurants.

What about night life in Mahahual?
There is not much in the way of night life in Mahahual There are a few bars and restaurants that stay open to service the workers who work at the pier. When there are no cruise ships, there are only a couple of them open at night. During festival time the city sponsors night events, but since Mahahual is geared mostly to cruise ship business these events are for the workers - nights are slow if there is no cruise ship the next morning. If you want to experience Mahahual - daytime is the best. Most of the restaurants are open in the day time.

How far are you from the dolphin swim?
The dolphin swim is located at the Cruise ship pier. Guests wanting to swim with the dolphins can arrange to do so on non-cruise ship days. The rates are very reasonable and can be arranged through Mayan Beach Garden.

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The Rooms

Can you see the ocean from the Units ?
We have four units directly on the each with unobscured views. There are two beach view rooms that have views of the beach framed by trees. We have one Jungle view unit. All are close to the beach.

Can you hear the ocean from the cabanas/rooms?
You most certainly can!

Are the safes in the rooms free for use, or is there a separate fee for that?
There is no fee for the use of the room safes. We want you to use them and feel secure. Some have keys and some have combination codes. If we forget to give you a combination, please let us know.

Do you have 110 or 220 power?
Mexico uses 110, the same power type and outlets as the US. We have grid power during the nights, but we are solar powered during sunlight hours, We have a backup emergency generator for power outages. . A/C is only available at night when we are running off the grid.

Can I use my hair dryer?
We ask that you not use hair dryers at Mayan Beach Garden. There is 110 outlet in the rooms, powered by batteries in the day. Please embrace the windblown look or look for butane powered hair dryers that you can purchase before you arrive. One hair dryer has as much watts as every light and major appliance at the hotel put together.

Do you have power at night?

Do you have air conditioning?
Some of the rooms have air conditioning. BUT, the rooms at Mayan Beach Garden are so close to the beach that the breezes from the beach offer most of the cooling you will need. On those nights when the breeze is still, we have ceiling fans. During the winter months, you may even find yourself getting cold at night! A/C works only at night as we disconnect from 220 power during the day to allow us to run off the solar power.

Making Reservations

How do I secure a reservation?
There are many methods to secure your reservation at Mayan Beach Garden.

  1. Mail a check to an address in the US.
  2. Pay through PayPal, using your charge card. PayPal is the same system used by eBay. It works as follows: we send you a bill via PayPal e-mail. You follow the instructions and use your charge card to pay. We can accept international funds via this method.
  3. Bank Wire. If this is the method you choose to use, we can provide bank wiring instructions.
  4. Zelle email transfer
  5. Western union or Money Gram (exact spelling of my name is important)
  6. Transferwise to Mexican bank
  7. Use our automatic booking system to make a reservation with your credit card

Reserve now

What is your cancellation policy?
Cancellation policy varies based on the lenght of stay.

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Safety and Security in Mexico

Do you have safes in the rooms?

I have been hearing a lot about the drug wars in Mexico - how safe is it in should I be afraid for my safety in Quintana Roo?
Several million people travel to Cancun, Riviera Maya and the Costa Maya without incident. Following is a statement by the Warden for the US Consulate for the area here on the Costa Maya.

“An updated travel alert for Mexico was issued recently and can be seen at  I urge you to go to that web site. to get the official information that the department of state is dispersing on the matter of safety in Mexico. On top of the travel alert you should read of the Country specific pages for Mexico. I will warn you that you will probably be alarmed by what you read.  Please keep in mind that most of the violent crime that is occurring in Mexico that has had any affect to Americans is happening in the Northern part of Mexico, near the border.  Also keep in mind that the department has a responsibility to report the facts about situations that have occurred, but . . .99% of the people who travel for vacation purposes to Mexico every year have very enjoyable vacations without incident.
Of course, I can no more give you a guarantee about your safety coming here than I could about traveling to any vacation destinations in the US.  On the whole, I feel much more at ease anywhere in the Yucatan peninsula than in my hometown in the US.  . . .   Neither my life nor my daily patterns have changed and I feel no less safe than ever.  There has been no increase in reported violent or petty crime in this area directed toward Americans over the past few months.
Most of the emergencies I assist Americans with in this area (Costa Maya) are a result of them acting in a way they might not in the US.  It is very important to not take a vacation from your common sense.  Follow the laws, do not over consume alcoholic beverages, if you drive, go the posted speed limit, wear seat belts, do not talk on a cell phone while driving and get full car insurance. Do not engage in extreme sports, skydiving, parasailing, etc.. If you engage in tours, make sure that they are sponsored by your hotel or travel company or have been recommended to the business by a foreigner (US or Canadian). I would also recommend that you look in to getting travel insurance that has some medical coverage or check to see if your health insurance covers you in a foreign country”.

Do you have security guard at night?
Mayan Beach Garden takes your security very seriously. We do not have a security guard. We have dogs that function as alarms at night -- because they are pretty friendly the rest of the time. We also have added security bars on windows so that you can leave the windows open and feel safe when in the rooms or out and about and like to let the air flow through.

Services and facilities

Do you have phones?
We do not have phones in any of the rooms. We only have cell phone coverage and only when standing on certain areas right on the beach or in the restaurant and out by the road.

Can you tell me who the service provider is that has cell signals down there?

Do you have laundry facilities?
We can do laundry for you, however, the laundering of linens must take priority.

Do you have beach towels?
We supply beach towels in the rooms at Mayan Beach Garden, but because of the added impact the additional laundry has on the environment, we ask that you reuse them as much as possible.

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Checking in and Checking out

What is Check-in and Check-out time?
Checkout time is 11:00 and Check-in is 3:00 . Please let us know if you need to change these times and we can work around your schedule. Failure to provide advance check out notice will incur a checkout fee of $35.

If I arrive after 10:00 PM, is there someone around? How do I check in?
We have dogs that serve as great door bells. If you have a reservation, we will be expecting you. If we don't come quickly, please do not honk. It is best not to plan on arriving in the night. All staff quarters are close to the parking area and you will wake them up. They have to start work at 6:30, so please be consious of their schedules. Note: we don't recommend driving south from Tulum to Cafetal junction after dark.

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Restaurant and Meals

What are meal times?
Coffee is ready at about 6:30, Hot breakfast is 7:00 AM - 10:00 AM, Continental breakfast after 10:00, Lunch is 12:30-3:00, Dinner is 7:00-9:00 in the winter and later in the summer (because of daylight savings time it gets dark later and we find that most people want to take advantage of every minute of sun). If these times do not work, and you are a guest with us, please let us know and we will be happy to work something out with you. We also can pack you a sack lunch for the day.

Do you have a small pub?
Yes, the bar is open until 10:00 at night on normal days.

Do you carry beer and wine?
We have a full bar and we do carry both light and dark beer, a good Chilean and Mexican wines (red, white and Zinfandel) and can make most mixed drinks using Rum, Gin, Whiskey, Vodka and Tequila and we always serve Margaritas and Pina Coladas. You are welcome to bring your own drinks, but because we have to buy ice in Mahahual, we charge a "cooling" fee of $0.50 (USD) for drinks not purchased an Mayan Beach Garden.

Can we store food items in your refrigerator?
Unfortunately, we have a very small refrigerator and we are unable to store food purchased elsewhere in our refrigerator. The Beachfront King rooms and the Suite come with small fridges. Ice can be purchased in Mahahual or at the gas station, but the fridges only come with very small freezers. We can rent you a cooler for only $5 for the duration of your stay. If you have medicines that need to be stored, we can help you with that.

Do you have "Kid Friendly" menus?
We don't have specific "kid friendly" menus because we don't have many children, but we do try and adjust our menus so that picky eaters (including adult picky eaters!) will find something they like. Please let us know in advance what your special likes and dislikes or dietary restrictions are.

I noticed breakfast on your sample meal menus. But it looks like the meal package only includes lunch and dinner. Is breakfast included in the room rate?
Breakfast is included in the rates for rooms at Mayan Beach Garden. Breakfast is not included in the room rates for the Beach Homes. For guests staying at the beach homes, all meals can be included for $425 pesos cash per person per day. If only Lunch and Dinner are are desired, the rate is $375 pesos per day per person.

Is it safe to buy food along the sides of the road?
We always buy food along the sides of the road. Normally it is very safe. We have never gotten sick from anything eaten from roadside vendors -- in fact every time we have gotten sick, it has been from eating in an American style sit-down restaurant. We can offer some tips in this regard:

  • Never buy fresh squeezed juice in recycled Coca-Cola Bottles (orange, coconut, watermelon and pineapple are very common) unless the caps are sealed. Some roadside vendors use recycled pop bottles and may not have adequate means to disinfect things. It is safe to buy juice in plastic bags or plastic glasses.
  • Look for clean hands. Most Mayans are very clean -- they love soap (when you visit a grocery store, you will be surprised at the size of the cleaning isle). However, if you see dirty hands, walk away.
  • If you see someone handling food with their bare hands and then putting their hands in plastic bags to touch the money -- this is a good sign of a clean kitchen and good habits - they know that germs are on money.

Can we decide on the meal package a day ahead or do we have to decide now?
When purchasing the "meal package" at Mayan Beach Garden, you can decide when you come or after you've eaten your first meal.

Can we have some days ON the meal plan and some days OFF.
Sorry, because of the casual nature of Mayan Beach Garden, it is difficult for us to switch back and forth. Most people find that they love leaving their wallet in the safe and not thinking about it until its time to go. We have priced the meal plan so that even if you decide to occasionally eat lunch in town, you still save money being on the meal plan. The meal plan saves you money if you are staying 3 days or more.

Is there a small cooler or fridge in the rooms?
The beachfront king rooms and the suite have coolers as part of the kitchenettes. We have ice for sale in the kitchen. If you are renting other rooms, we can lend you a cooler for the length of your stay. In the past we had fridges, but replaced them with coolers when we changed to more solar/battery hours and fewer generator hours.

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Weather and Conditions Questions

When is the rainy season?
The rainy season is from June to October. "Rainy" is relative, because it will rain really hard dumping a lot of rain and then get sunny. Seldom does it rain for days since most of the rain is either from thunderstorms or related to tropical storms. Tropical storms usually last a day or two, but this occurs during hurricane season which usually begins mid July.

What is the best time to visit the Costa Maya?
We get asked this all the time. I have finally decided that it requires a chart with all the variables of the weather as well as some other monthly highlights. The truth is that any month is good depending on what you want out of a vacation. (Average rainfall and temperature is taken from

Month Average Rainfall Average 24 HR Temp. Comments
Jan. 2.1" 75 F High season. The first week in January seems to have a little bit of a "lull" in terms of the number of travelers. The weather can be cold enough to warrant a jacket at night. If you like birds, green parrots are starting to show up as well as some other migrating birds.
Feb. 1.7" 76 F February can have some cool winds. The water can feel quite cool as the wind blows across the surface making it hard to snorkel or swim for long periods of time. A wet suit helps. (Cool is relative, but bring a jacket for evenings). Migrating birds make February one of the best "birding" months.
Mar. 0.8" 79 F Normally a great weather month with comfortable temperatures and little rain, but can be breezy. The downside is that there are a lot of people vacationing at this time, including those on spring break. It is good to make reservations far in advance.
Apr. 1.0 " 82 F Can be breezy affecting water activities, however not every day. This, on the other hand makes for great visits to the ruins and few mosquitoes due to the dry conditions.
May 3.6" 83 Great month for water activities with fairly calm water. The days are quite hot, but the humidity is fairly low making nights comfortable for sleeping. Few mosquitoes.
June 5.5" 82 Water can be like glass making for great water activities. The humidity is usually fairly low early in the month but starts to raise in the later part of the month. Travel with insect repellent if you plan on venturing off the beach. This is the start of the tropical rain season so rain is possible, but usually does not get in the way of activities.
July 4.0" 82 July can be quite humid. If you are from anywhere on the east coast you can understand. However, it may be the best month for water activities with the water like glass. Later in the month there is a chance of tropical storms. Travel with insect repellent if you plan on venturing off the beach. Biting Flies (similar to deer flies) can be a problem in the day - use insect repellent.
Aug. 4.3" 82 August can be humid, but again the water can be like glass so it is great for water activities. Hurricane season is in full swing, but with the exception of Hurricane Dean the Costa Maya does not have a history of high hurricane damage. Travel with insect repellent if you plan on venturing off the beach. Biting Flies (similar to deer flies) can be a problem in the day - use insect repellent.
Sep. 6.7" 82 Fairly pleasant but the rainiest month due to the fact that it is late in the tropical storm season. The rains are usually brief but heavy. This is one of the slowest times of the year, so you may find yourself alone on the beach! Travel with insect repellent if you plan on venturing off the beach. Great fishing and diving weather. This month is also the start of the bird migrations.
Oct. 4.5" 80 Very pleasant weather and very slow! Many hotels close because it is so slow. Shops will still open in Mahahual on Cruise ship days. If there has been a lot of rain in August and September there may be lots of mosquitoes at dawn and dusk. There is still a chance of some significant rain in Oct. Great fishing and diving weather.
Nov. 2.1" 76 Great weather month. Can be some cloudy and cool days, but usually the water conditions can be good. Few crowds. Bring lightweight jackets. There can also still be mosquitos in the evening and at dawn.
Dec. 1.9" 76 Sporadic weather. It can be cool or warm, windy or only slightly breezy. Bring jackets and long pants for cool breezy nights on the beach. Usually lots of sun even if it is cool.

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Questions about the water, beach, snorkeling, diving and swimming

Do you have a sandy beach ?

How quickly does it get deep ?
It gets waist high pretty quickly making it a good swimming and snorkeling beach. You don't have to wade through turtle grass to swim.

Can you snorkel right off your beach?
Yes, there is a good coral head about 100 yards from the shore with a lot of fish of many varieties. We have marked with a buoy so that you can find it and so that boats don't run into it.

How far is the reef?
This is a complicated question. Most people refer to the reef as the line of breakers that you can see off shore. Mayan Beach Garden is in the center of the bay, so that the reef is quite far to swim. It takes a good swimmer about 15-20 minutes, but on days with a strong surge it is very hard to get there. It is better to walk 10-15 minutes to the point and snorkel or swim from there where you are much closer. Also the coral is denser and you will see more coral and fish all the way out.

Do you have a lot of turtle grass?
Close to shore the beach is sandy. We do have turtle grass but you have to swim a little ways before you get to it. Turtle grass is great for the environment, it protects the shore and provides food for turtles and other plant eating species. Turtle grass is also where you see rays, starfish and Queen Conch, baby turtles hiding out as well as many other species.

How far can I walk along the beach?
There is nothing to stop you from walking as far as you have daylight and energy (bring sunscreen to reapply on the tops of your feet and ankles). You cannot do this in Mahahual because the Costa Maya Pier won't allow people to walk along the beach at that point. Other areas south of Mahahual may have Mangrove that gets in the way of your beach combing pleasure.

In February, how many days of the week is the water reasonably calm - calm enough for someone who is not an expert swimmer to swim?
See the section above on Weather and Conditions.

Is there swimming, fishing, or snorkeling from shore or do you have to go out on a boat or dock?
You can swim, fish or snorkel from shore.

I am concerned about the strength of the surf & if the beach is sheltered by the reefs & easy swimming? Does it shelve out gradually?
We have a sandy shore and therefore an ever changing beachfront. Storms can create some pretty strong surge which beats up the shoreline causing some uneven or soft spots. It can even unearth large shells and pieces of coral. Other times the water is like glass and the sand hard and level a long way out.

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Money Questions

Where can I change money?
Most businesses along the Cancun corridor to Tulum will accept US dollars, but most only offer a 10-1 peso exchange. (See link below for the personal currency assistant) Banks offer the best exchange rate and most offer ATM machines. You may also exchange money at a bank in Felipe Carrillo Puerto and will also have access to an ATM machine. The bank is located by the main gas station in town. The best exchange rates for your $ are normally given at a cash machine, a Bank, or at one of the money exchange booths in Cancun, Playa, Tulum, Chetumal or Felipe Carrillo Puerto. The money exchange rate at the airport is very poor. There is an exchange office in Mahahual just off the Malecon in the orange building at the North end of the soccer field.

To find today's exchange rate for the peso, use the Personal Currency Assistant
NOTE: If you have a pop-up blocker, you will have to disable that feature to access the Currency Assistant.

Once I am at Mayan Beach garden, do you accept credit cards?
We have Internet connection at the beach, which is our only way of accepting credit card payments. If the Internet connection is working we can accept credit card payment via our Merchant account, or PayPal but there is always a chance that we may not have service, your credit card may not be accepted in Mexico or if you are an existing PayPal account holder you will forget your password. Please plan on either paying in advance or bringing enough cash USD or pesos to pay for your stay. If you plan to use an existing PayPal account, you must know your password. PayPal will only allow account holders to use their credit card under a password account - the credit card they have on record may not be used in a "guest" account.

Where is the nearest ATM?
There are several ATMs in Mahahual. Our favorite ATMS are in the lobby of the Costa Maya Inn. There are several ATMs in Mahahual along the Malecon and even as far south as Luna de Plata.

Will they accept US dollars in Mahahual?
Yes. While most items are priced in pesos, all places will accept US dollars or pesos but not US coins. They will even accept them in the Gas Station. NOTE: this is not true of all gas stations in the state of Quintana Roo. They will not normally accept Canadian or Euros.

Do gas stations accept credit cards?
Gas stations in Mexico are just starting to take credit cards. The Gas station at the North end of Bacalar takes visa and MasterCard. The gas station in Mahahual recently started accepting credit cards - do NOT hand any attendant your card but walk with them to the machine where they run the card and make sure it is only run once.

Should we buy traveler's checks?
Traveler's checks are not readily accepted in the Southern part of the sate. They are viewed as third party checks and vendors are often charged to exchange them, can't get a very good exchange rate or are forced to wait 90 days for the money. We will take them at Mayan Beach Garden, but they aren't our favorite. We have to hold them until we visit the US. You can easily exchange them in Casa de Cambios in Playa Del Carmen where there is an American Express office, but then, you might as well bring cash. US dollars are accepted almost everywhere, but the exchange rate will not be very good.

Can I exchange money at the airport?
Yes, but there is a Santander machine by the cash window at customs. Also, there are a couple of cash machines in ticketing. The ticketing or departures area is to your left as you exit immigration and customs. Coincidentally - if you bank with Bank of America, there are no banking fees for using a SAntandar Serfin ATM Machine.

Can you tell me how many pesos it will be to fill up a tank of gas?
That is a loaded question since tanks are of different sizes. Gasoline at the time of this update had gone down to 17 pesos a liter. Please read the driving tips for more information about paying for gas and those "tricky" gasoline attendants. It is best to pay a set amount for gas and have a good idea of how much you are paying for and how much you have in your hand when you go to pay so they don't pull any tricks on you.

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General Questions

When we vacation we always try to help local Charities. Are there some local charities in Mahahual that you can recommend?

Please refer to this webpage on our site for local charities.

Are there lots of mosquitoes?
Winter and spring months are traditionally the best time to avoid mosquitoes. At certain times of the year and depending on the amount of rain that comes during the rainy season, mosquitoes can be annoying at dusk. There is seldom a problem with mosquitoes close to the beach because they just can't fly around in the breeze that is most often present. The breeze has a tenancy to die down right at sunrise and again at sundown. You will notice an increase of mosquitoes at this time, so it is a good idea to bring mosquito repellent if you plan on A) being out at dawn or dusk B) wandering into the jungle away from the beach.

Do you have screens or mosquito nets?
All of the rooms have well maintained screens on the windows, so mosquito nets are not needed in the rooms .

Do you get many tourists from the cruise ships that dock at the Costa Maya port?
Mayan Beach Garden is far enough away from Majahual that you can avoid the crowds that accompany the huge cruise ships. In fact, even though there are tours that go to Uvero (4 km. north of us), you will seldom see anyone because the buses don't go down the beach road at El Placer. Occasionally a few wander in and we try to be friendly, but courteously remind them this is a private beach for Mayan Beach Garden guests.

You mention that there is construction going on -- is it noisy?
We do have minor repairs going on all the time in order to keep MBG in good shape. Any references to construction at Mayan Beach Garden property are out of date. We have tried to remove all traces from the Mayan Beach Garden web site, but there are other web sites who don't update their web pages very often so the information is several years our of date! Many people think we have something to do with that, but most often it is unsolicited. As in all small hotels, we are always fixing up, painting and improving so that your experience here will be one that you will remember.

Do you have testimonials from other guests?
Yes, we have had many guests who have been kind enough to send us pictures of their visits and send unsolicited comments about their experience. Guest book.

Do you allow dogs or other pets?
Yes. We do allow dogs but not cats or other pets due to potential allergies and asthma. There is a $50 damage deposit and $15 per day charge for dogs. Because some guests are afraid of dogs, we ask the the animal be on a leash when on Mayan Beach Garden grounds, that refuse be picked up and that you respect the quiet of others. You will be asked to leave if the dog is an excessive barker or bothers other guests.

Are there other properties near you or are you on an empty stretch of beach?
Mayan Beach Garden is located in the "village" of El Placer. Today there are a few scattered personal residencies that comprise El Placer. However, once you leave the small area of El Placer, it becomes quite isolated.

Do you think hiking shoes are needed or will teva-type water shoes suffice?
You won't need hiking shoes. If you are planning on climbing ruins, or exploring the jungle make sure you have tennis shoes, walking shoes with good gripping soles or sturdy shoe-sandals with socks. We do not recommend flip-flops for visiting the ruins. We do recommend any shoes with good soles that will not slip. Occasionally the steps of the ruins can be slippery or footing less secure. You can walk barefoot on the beach unless you plan on going up into the Sian Ka'an where there are many rocky beaches that are fun to explore.

Is there currently any construction at your resort?
Only minor repairs - hopefully you won't be bothered.

How can I tell when the cruise ships are in Majahual?
Usually the cruise ships are in Mahahual on Monday through Friday during High season (December - end of April) You can find a monthly schedule at Puerto Costa Maya Calendar.

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